Odds & Ends

I’ve got several announcements today. The first is that our shop here on The Felting and Fiber Studio is open for business. There are tutorials and e-books by Zed and I. My book, The Complete Photo Guide to Felting, is also available but it doesn’t make much sense to ship it overseas as it costs as much for shipping as it does for the book. I will be adding more tutorials as I get them completed. These are the original projects that were meant to go in the book but were not included. So I have more that will be on nuno felting and wet felting.

In case you don’t read my personal blog, this is another entry I made for Ann’s 2nd quarter scrap challenge. It is inspired by my recent trip to Hawaii.

The second announcement is that I have started working on my next online class which will be stenciling, stamping and playing with thickened dye on felt. I plan on having the class ready to go in the fall. I have been carving some sample stamps. This is the first one. I developed this stamp from a photograph I took behind our house several years ago.

And here is a second one that I used the idea from one of my sketches. I developed this design from a set of curtains.

Original Leaf Sketch

This is the original sketch of the design.


The last announcement is to remind everyone that our Wet Felting for Beginners Online course is always available now. If you’re just finding us, this is a great class to learn wet felting. You can sign up here.

Oh and Happy Friday the 13th!


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6 Responses to Odds & Ends

  1. Lyn says:

    I like the way you develop your designs Ruth and the new class sounds great!

  2. zedster66 says:

    Those stamps are ace, Ruth 🙂 I watched someone carving stamps recently, and when I was out looking for sketchbooks I saw all the supplies and was so tempted! I like the sketch the 2nd stamp is based on, they must be nice curtains too.

    • ruthlane says:

      Thanks Zed – carving stamps is fairly simple and really not that expensive for the supplies compared to some of my other “habits”. The original curtains are very plain, beige on beige. But I liked the design and it looks great with some color added.

  3. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    It’s always interesting to learn where inspiration comes from. I find a lot in ads and magazines. The stamps look good.

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