Nuno Felt Scarf Class and Alfred

Nuno Felt Scarf Class and Alfred

I am afraid I haven’t had much time to anything this last week.  I did finish and mail my felt post card for the holiday exchange we do on the Forum. I can’t show you that until it arrives at its destination. I did teach nuno felt scarves again. I didn’t take pictures but my Friend Judy stopped by and got some actions shots.

This is a great action shot of Lynda rolling her scarf

Lynda rolling

Here we are checking how the fulling is coming along.

checking lindas scarf checking a scarf

And Lynda’s finished scarf. As you can see she was very pleased with it. I think they really enjoyed it as they bought almost all the remaining scarf blanks I had.

The other thing that has been occupying my time is Alfred. That is a cheese ball he is chasing and he ate it up once he figured out it tasted good.



19 thoughts on “Nuno Felt Scarf Class and Alfred

  1. Alfred is just like a puppy really.

    The photos are good – I think it’s better when they’re not posed because you get a real feel for what’s going on.

    1. Lyn he is very puppy like in many ways (he likes to chew things) but he is not affectionate like a puppy. Judy is good with a camera and they are some of the better shots of me. Not that I like pictures of me. LOL

  2. It looks like your students enjoyed their class and scarves. It nice when someone else takes the pics. :-). Alfred is cute. How long will he stay in the house?

    1. Thanks, I think they did Marilyn. I always forget to take pictures and when I do remember they are not good.
      HI will go to the barn soon. When the other litter are weaned he will go to the barn. I wouldn’t want him to be by himself. For all he isn’t affectionate he is social.

  3. The students look like they are working hard. And an online class would be great and I know you can figure it out. I did 🙂

    Alfred is adorable but I saw your husband’s response on FB about him being pretty mean. Most people don’t realize that pigs aren’t that pettable and friendly to people.

    1. Pigs can be very dangerous. He will let you scratch him if he is in the mood but he is just as happy to scratch himself on something.
      An after Christmas project I hope Ruth. I will need to work on the detailed instructions too.

  4. That looks like a great space, Ann, really nice and bright for working in. I’ve heard that house pigs don’t taste as good as outside pigs, so Alfred’s safe, isn’t he? 🙂

  5. It is a nice space but 5 tables is the limit. That’s nice size class though.
    Well… he won’t be a house pig for much longer. Once the others are weaned he can join them in the barn. He will be happier with more space and friends.

  6. Ann, you realise once you post a video of a cute piglet that’s all I’ll be able to talk about, right? 😀 Alfred is adorable! Is he a new pet?

    1. I am afraid he is not a pet. he is in the house because he is on a bottle. he is in a dog cage most of the time. He is old enough now to go back to the barn with the other littler of piglets. Fortunately it is still not cold here. they have a heat lamp.

    2. If there’s ever a time to regret not knowing hypnotism techniques (long distance ones!) this is one of them, I’d so tell you he needs to be a pet 😊

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