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Nuno Felt Scarf Class and Alfred

Nuno Felt Scarf Class and Alfred

I am afraid I haven’t had much time to anything this last week.  I did finish and mail my felt post card for the holiday exchange we do on the Forum. I can’t show you that until it arrives at its destination. I did teach nuno felt scarves again. I didn’t take pictures but my Friend Judy stopped by and got some actions shots.

This is a great action shot of Lynda rolling her scarf

Lynda rolling

Here we are checking how the fulling is coming along.

checking lindas scarf checking a scarf

And Lynda’s finished scarf. As you can see she was very pleased with it. I think they really enjoyed it as they bought almost all the remaining scarf blanks I had.

The other thing that has been occupying my time is Alfred. That is a cheese ball he is chasing and he ate it up once he figured out it tasted good.



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