The Red Hat

The Red Hat

Last time I showed you the buttons I bought at Fiberfest to go on a hat I had made. I wanted to make something little different using the same resist as for the bubble hats.

I thought I took a picture of the hat on the resist but my camera says I didn’t. So here is a  purple hat I did last year to show you the starting shape.purple before bubbles

I pleated the sloped pointy side. I worked the edges of the pleats and secured them tightly with strong thread.

red hat tied up

After it was dry I took it with me to the show to find the buttons for it and did the sewing while I was in my booth. I attached the buttons threading through all the pleats to make sure everything stayed the way I wanted. People seem to like to see you working on some finishing. Nothing that is to involved because then they don’t like to disturb you if you look to busy.

red pleated hat

Here is a friend of mine trying it on. She looked quite good in it I thought. Shortly after that another lady tried it on and it sold.  the lady who bought it wore the pleating at the back and it looked quite good. I had a friend quickly take the picture above so I would have one.  If I can find some time I will make some more in this style.

red hat with buttons

10 thoughts on “The Red Hat

  1. Lovely hat. I would have had a hard time parting with it. The fact it sold right away said it was a great style.

  2. A great design and very flattering. The softness of the pleating is quite appealing. Are you planning to make more of this quick-seller?

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