Using the Screen Printed Rusted Paper

Using the Screen Printed Rusted Paper

I showed you last week how we made screen printed rusted designs. I haven’t used any of the fabric yet but I did make some greeting cards from the paper. I like to have greeting cards on hand so if I need one, I can personalize it and have it ready in minutes.

All the Rusted Cards

I use standard blank off white greeting cards as the base. The rusted backgrounds are 4″ x 6″ so they fit nicely on the 5″ x 7″ cards. I then had some left over pieces that I had done some leaf printing on several years ago. The prints didn’t turn out all that well on some of them so these were the left over bits. And they seemed to  match nicely with the rust.

Rusted Card 1

Here’s an example of one that I added two pieces of leaf print paper. I use matte medium to glue everything down.

Rusted Card 1 with Details

And then I took a glitter gel pen and outlined some areas. I usually leave the card like this, and then when I need a card, I can add words to it if I want.

Birthday Card

This is an example of a card I made for hubby’s birthday. It is all leaf printed paper without any rust as I made it back in August.

And here is a little closer look at the rest of the cards I made. I really like having the square hole edges of the journal paper included. So that is how I used some of my rusty paper. The rest went back into my journal and I am sure other techniques will be added on top at some point.

4 thoughts on “Using the Screen Printed Rusted Paper

  1. I like the holes too! The cards are attractive and it’s a good idea to have some ready to customise – the glitter pen writing and outlining is a good finish.

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