Wooly Fun

Wooly Fun

Recently, my husband and I spent ten days in Florida with our youngest son and his family.  When we first arrived, I told our five year old grandson that I brought some wool to play with.  It was a busy ten days. On the last day he reminded me we were going to “make some wool stuff.”  His three year old brother was taking a nap so this was a good time.

Knowing the kids love bright colors, I brought a variety of merino colors to play with.  Luke chose orange, white, blue, teal and red to make a snake.  He helped me lay out the colors on a piece of bubble wrap.   He was fascinated when I mixed some soapy water — he didn’t want me to use dish soap, he was intrigued with the pieces of olive oil soap I brought.

When we finished laying out the two layers of wool, I covered it with a piece of netting and he proceeded to add soapy water with a sponge.  I had him do some rubbing before he began rolling between two pieces of bubble wrap.

2015-05-31 13.54.28

Sorry about the quality of the pics, this was a quick action packed process by an determined little boy.

We rolled it up at prefelt stage and rolled again in bubble wrap until it was hard enough.

2015-05-31 13.56.59

2015-05-31 14.00.52

2015-05-31 14.12.38

I laid it out on the porch to dry (with 90 degree weather it didn’t take long.)  Then I stitched on the eyes.

When Josh got up from his nap he went outside to play.  Within minutes he walked in with the snake in hand asking “why isn’t the snake moving!” I’m glad it was a wooly snake and not a real one!

2015-05-31 15.24.41

Since Josh didn’t have a chance to make his own, I made one for him when I got home using his favorite color green for the head.

2015-06-02 11.14.06 2015-06-10 10.04.00What wooly things have you made lately?





18 thoughts on “Wooly Fun

  1. What a lovely project for a little boy! The pics are fab – real action shots.

    (90 degrees is a bit much for me – it’s mid morning here and in the mid sixties, but I’ve got a fan running to cool the air in my room!)

    1. Thanks Lyn, we had fun. There is probably a setting on my camera I could have gotten better pics, but you know when you start something with a kid there’s no time for adjustments. :-). Yes, it’s hot there and humid.

  2. Using your grandkid as an excuse to make a snake, Marilyn, that’s funny 😉 Just kidding, that’s nice you made one so he wasn’t left out, they look great.

    1. It was ideal for him Sharon. Thanks. I look forward to seeing the pic you made for your Mum.

  3. What a great project to make with little ones! I bet this will stay with them forever, I still remember making dough to play with as a child with my nan 🙂 The snakes look so cute! And yes, glad it wasn’t a real one Josh brought in! Brr…

  4. Thanks Leonor! I hope he remembers and that we get to do many more projects together. I was surprised he remembered we were going to do that. Usually he’d rather play on my iPad. Their dad and uncle used to bring home snakes so it wouldn’t surprise me except for the fact Josh had been afraid of snakes. Evidently no more.

  5. Making a snake with your grandson will hopefully bring fond memories for both of you in the future. I still remember my grandfather teaching me how to make pie crust. Really. Children today do not get enough hands-on play opportunities, so kudos to you, grandma, for providing the opportunity!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I remember the time I spent with my grandmothers and grandpa as well. Great memories. I hope this is only the beginning of many more art adventures to come!

  6. I have a feeling that 5-year-olds have a very good memory, especially when it comes to promisses made. In other cases, it can be rather selective… 😉
    Great kids-project! I’m sure my kids would love to make snakes. I’ll have to put this on our “to-do-list”. 🙂

  7. Thanks Zara! You are absolutely right, promises are really important to 5 year olds! I think it’s great if the girls made snakes! I can’t wait to see!

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