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Pandagirl’s Year in Review 2016

Pandagirl’s Year in Review 2016

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and are ready for the New Year.

It’s almost the end of 2016 and looking back on the things I’ve done, there seems to be a few themes.

I did a lot of natural dyeing.  Avocado skins, pits and the combo.





logwood iron top wo bottom

Osagealkanet with iron



Cutch, Rhubarb and Indigo

20160703_115005 20160701_155539 20160907_124311-1


Eco printing








Under the sea theme20160429_160634a_edited-1 20160526_155222

2nd Quarter challenge working with scraps – the former credit card case turned into an ear bud case.


Then the cityscape with scraps.


A scarflette with locks


Ginkgo stitching


Crochet piece felted and embellished with stitching


Felting wit my grandsons


Silk scraps into a free motion stitched vase


3rd Quarter challenge adding dimension from Kristy Kun’s class

20160924_155325-1 20160924_155038-1

Ruth’s Paper Lamination class

20160614_153320 20160720_173749


Teri’s hat class

20161012_152103 20161012_151800

Mini weaving wall hanging


More work with scraps for a sewing machine case


4th Quarter Challenge with embellishments for a coupon case.


And blue booties for a shower


Of course, there were also plenty of samples during the year including using the needle felting machine to felt some unfeltable fabrics.

A big thank you to Cathy Wycliff for her post on weaving and felting; my sister Carol Olson for sharing her new sheep with us;  Nada for sharing her workshop experience in Slovenia; Zara for her posts on Felting on a Trampoline and her Yak, Mongolian, Churro and Zwartables samples; Leonor for her soap tutorial and Terri Simon on sharing her projects from Kristy Kun’s class.

It was a great year for me in terms of learning new things and doing some recycling.  How was your 2016 year of fibers?

Happy New Year and Happy Felting in 2017!




Wooly Fun

Wooly Fun

Recently, my husband and I spent ten days in Florida with our youngest son and his family.  When we first arrived, I told our five year old grandson that I brought some wool to play with.  It was a busy ten days. On the last day he reminded me we were going to “make some wool stuff.”  His three year old brother was taking a nap so this was a good time.

Knowing the kids love bright colors, I brought a variety of merino colors to play with.  Luke chose orange, white, blue, teal and red to make a snake.  He helped me lay out the colors on a piece of bubble wrap.   He was fascinated when I mixed some soapy water — he didn’t want me to use dish soap, he was intrigued with the pieces of olive oil soap I brought.

When we finished laying out the two layers of wool, I covered it with a piece of netting and he proceeded to add soapy water with a sponge.  I had him do some rubbing before he began rolling between two pieces of bubble wrap.

2015-05-31 13.54.28

Sorry about the quality of the pics, this was a quick action packed process by an determined little boy.

We rolled it up at prefelt stage and rolled again in bubble wrap until it was hard enough.

2015-05-31 13.56.59

2015-05-31 14.00.52

2015-05-31 14.12.38

I laid it out on the porch to dry (with 90 degree weather it didn’t take long.)  Then I stitched on the eyes.

When Josh got up from his nap he went outside to play.  Within minutes he walked in with the snake in hand asking “why isn’t the snake moving!” I’m glad it was a wooly snake and not a real one!

2015-05-31 15.24.41

Since Josh didn’t have a chance to make his own, I made one for him when I got home using his favorite color green for the head.

2015-06-02 11.14.06 2015-06-10 10.04.00What wooly things have you made lately?





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