Felted Flower Class and Some Lambs

Felted Flower Class and Some Lambs

I taught felted flowers this last week as a short evening class. We had a good time. This is proved by me not taking many pictures again.

First they did a morning glory style flower to get the idea of laying out. Some of the students had not ever used roving before. Here they are shaping their flowers.

shaping flowers morning glories

calenes morning gloryThis is Carlene’s flower

Next they made more delicate flowers using silk hankies and they learned to make stamen and stems.

Carlene’s again

carlenes silk flower

and everyone together

Flower class finnished

And be cause it’s spring her are some lamb pictures.

lamb on mom lambs and mom 2

when lambs are born we put them and their mom into a small pen to make sure mom has milk and  everything is going well. After a few days the lambs get their eartags and vaccinations. Then into a small group pen with other moms and lambs and then after a few more days out into the big group pen were they can get outside too. It is fun to run and jump with other lambs.

This is my house lamb, he is a preemie. He is very small with not much wool and no body fat. He was born late Tuesday night. And just because I like them here are the roosters roosting on some lambing pens for the night. They go to bed early as you see it is still daylight out.

preemie lamb roosters

23 thoughts on “Felted Flower Class and Some Lambs

  1. I can see you had a good time – and although you didn’t take many photos (it’s difficult to remember when you’re busy though isn’t it?), the group one is clear enough to see what a lovely bunch of flowers were made.
    The lambs (especially ‘housie’) and roosters are cute. I’m a city girl so I know nothing about farming – do you have to keep taking the premature lamb to mummy sheep for feeding or do you bottle feed? How does the separation affect lamb and sheep bonding?

    1. Thanks, the class was good. I always forget the pictures. Lamb is on a bottle, it took him most of a day to manage to stand up poor little fellow. Mostly he sleeps like most preemies. He won’t bond with his mom. He will bond with us until he gets to the barn. the flock instinct is strong. they like to be in a group. Some past bottle lambs will come and try to get a bottle when we feed this years bottle lambs. They are quite funny.

  2. The flowers all turned out great, Ann 🙂 And the lambs and sheep are gorgeous! Don’t the roosters annoy the lambs?

  3. It looks as if everyone had a good time and made nice flowers. The lambs are cute. I like the one sitting on Moms back. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marilyn, it was fun. the lamb balances quite well when she stands up too. they wouldn’t be still enough for me to get a picture.

  4. Aw, the lambs, the lambs! How is the preemie doing? Are the roosters taking good care of all the little ones?

    The silk/wool flowers looked really nice, they seem like a fun thing to make 🙂

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