Doing some Dyeing

Doing some Dyeing

I realised I was running out of brighter colours.  I got the dye pot out from under the snow drift it had become to fix the problem. . I like to dye outside but it much to cold so It was in the kitchen. I was nice and used citric acid instead of vinegar in my dye water. I am not a pro at this. I do not measure as I don’t care if I can get the exact colour again. I like that my dye jobs are many times not an eve solid colour. I will recard it and it will have more life and not be so flat.

I started with yellow. I wanted a nice bright sunny yellow. It bled a lot when it was done.

yellow bleeding

After many rinses it was still bleeding. So I recooked it with more acid, that worked.

Here is some purple in the pot and you can see the dye take up was good.


and this is all the wool done, some nice bright spring colours.

dyed wool

I have finally taken my own advice and got some PH strips. I always tell people having trouble with dye take up or bleeding to make sure the PH is right. Now I just need to find some tome to do some more dyeing so I can try them out.

15 thoughts on “Doing some Dyeing

  1. Beautiful colours, Ann!

    So you think bleeding can be helped with PH strips? I always thought those were good to help with controlling the end colours one gets, because harder water yields different tones than softer water… Hm, one learns every day! 🙂

  2. Beautiful colors – I need to do some dyeing too and those are just the colors I need. Too bad you didn’t make enough for me too 😉

  3. Great Colours, Ann! I bet they’d make one gorgeous batt with your big carder, it’d be a work of art in itself 🙂

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