Last Call for Online Class Registration and Last of the Peeps

Last Call for Online Class Registration and Last of the Peeps

Registration for the online class Wet Felting for Beginners closes on February 22. So if you’d like to sign up for the class, do so now. You can sign up for the class by filling in the contact form here. We would love to have you join us if you’d like to explore the basics of wet felting. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

wet felting FOR BEGINNERS flyer 1ST March

For all of you who have already signed up – Thanks! We’ll be sending out your class information on February 26th. If you have any questions about supplies, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Cody Stitched

I have been continuing to work on stitching more of Nanci William’s original sketches of people we see every day.


This is Cody, he was just walking by outside the store with the ever present cell phone.

Georgia Stitched

Here’s Georgia.


In her turquoise dress and moon tattoo.

Vince Stitched

And this is Vince.


The man in black.

Gwen and Rocco

I forgot to get a photo of Gwen and Rocco before I colored them in. But that is all the stitched portraits completed. Now to get them laced over matte board and framed.

10 thoughts on “Last Call for Online Class Registration and Last of the Peeps

  1. Please let me know what materials I need for the Beginner’s Felting class. I live in Mexico and need more time to order/ship to me because of my location.
    Really looking forward to this class. Thanks for the offering.

  2. Great stitched portraits Ruth. Wouldn’t it be fun to write a book using them as characters?

    1. Thanks Marilyn – it is kind of funny how you start thinking about the person as you work on them and what they might be doing or thinking. So I guess a book about them as characters wouldn’t be that far off πŸ™‚

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