Dyeing Some Silk Hankies

I was running out of dyed silk hankies so it was time to brake out the dyeing supplies. before I started anything I had to soak the silk Hankies. They do not like to get wet the way silk fabric does. They really resist. I soaked them for 24 hours in some water with a little soap.

I used MX dye and a low water technique. I smooshed the silk in the bottom of some small containers form the dollar store.

silk ready to dye

Then I mixed up some dye in little measuring cups using only a small amount of water. Just enough so the silk will be covered after I add two colours.

dye for hankies dye sticks

I added the dye and let it sit for about an hour at room temperature. I mixed up some PHup ( the stuff you use for pools, sodium carbonate) 1 spoon full for each cup of water used in the dye and the water you are mixing it in. I poured some into each container and let it sit a while longer, about 15 min.

hankies dyeing

I then rinsed them in room temp water and then some soapy water then clear water. One was to much all one colour so I did a spot dye.

spot dyeing

And here they are drying on the table.


I will use them  for surface design on hats and pots and to make flower designs on surfaces by folding and twisting them. you can layer them or stretch them out thin. You can spin with them too if you like.

If you want full instructions on low water mx dyeing I learned about it here http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/lowwaterimmersion.shtml



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16 Responses to Dyeing Some Silk Hankies

  1. Lyn says:

    That’s a good load of hankies to keep you going! Lovely colours and they look so good on felt don’t they?

  2. koffipot says:

    Lovely dyed hankies. I love using them too, they create some beautiful effects.
    That’s something else on my ‘to do’ list as I’m running low on my favourite shades. I do mine a bit differently, will post pics if I remember to take some – I usually forget! 🙂

    • This is a nice easy way when I want to do a bunch. when I have just done a few I used acid dye and did them in large zip lock bags in the microwave. What do you do?

  3. Leonor says:

    The colours came out great, Ann. Are MX Dyes reactive dyes?

  4. luvswool says:

    It’s always nice to have dyed silk hankies around for special effects. They are so fragile, though, that I have only purchased them dyed. Thanks for showing your dyeing techniques!

  5. ruthlane says:

    The hankies look great Ann. I do love the end result when using them in felting.

  6. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Great hankies Ann! I love using them, too. I look forward to seeing your new stash in future projects.

  7. zedster66 says:

    They look great, Ann 🙂
    They really do resist getting wet, I think I’ve only dyed some once, but did about 80g of them, and still remember that.

  8. helenekus says:

    Those hankies look beautiful. I’m going to try that. I also just purchased some silk cocoons. Can I throw them in to dye, too?

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