Felt and Stitch Bowl Attempt

Felt and Stitch Bowl Attempt

I needed a liner for a basket for collecting eggs. This is a small basket but I will need a bigger basket before long as we got some new chickens.


I thought I would try sewing around and around a flat piece of felt as I had seen on Lyn’s blog. http://rosiepink.typepad.co.uk/rosiepink/handmade-felt-and-stitch-bowls.html she sells  an ebook of how to do it. If I had downloaded it and if I had followed it I probably would have had better results. I am much to clever for that, not.  I did it form a vague memory of Lyn mentioning something on the Forum.

So I found a piece of felt  and cut it to what I hope will fit my basket. Nothing beats guessing when its right. 🙂

felt and bowl

Next I started stitching, switching the machine from turtle speed to rabbit speed as neatness doesn’t really count here. I also used up all my part bobbins so now I have some empty ones.

As you can see after the first go round it is still flat felt. I decided there was not enough stitching so loaded up the machine with orange and off I went again around and around.

stitching round 1 stitching round 2

As you can see that didn’t help at all. There was a slight curving on one side but not what I would call a bowl. Still I needed a basket liner and after all this is not a beauty piece but a partial piece I cut it.

cut to fit

and sewed it

re stitched

egg basket with eggsHere it is with some eggs in just to prove it really is an egg basket. I haven’t really used it yet in the barn. Theses are some that where collected this morning that are not in cartons yet.

I think the problem besides not buying the tutorial and following the instructions is that my felt was fairly thick and well fulled. I do know from my few attempt at free motion machine embroidery that the felt does strange things if not backed with something. The other thing that may have done it was I started at the outside. Perhaps if I had started in the middle the felt would have reacted differently.  All in all I ended up with a basket liner and had fun sewing like the wind round and round.



14 thoughts on “Felt and Stitch Bowl Attempt

  1. Well, I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone and give away the ending 😉
    So, I’ll just say you ‘rescued it’ nicely , and it turned out well, it looks custom made for the basket!

  2. Hello Ann, Lyn’s Bowls are extremely beautiful. I think Lyn used allot more thread circles and started in the very center. But I think the results of your bowl was great and very nice to lay eggs in.. Smile..

  3. The bowl turned out nice Ann. It may have easier to have read Lyns tutorial, but your improvisation made it unique especially for the odd shaped basket. Well done!

  4. Not following a tutorial? I know the feeling! 😀 But your bowl turned out great, even though you had to tweak it. Would you try Lyn’s instructions now that you’ve done your own thing, Ann?

  5. It’s a beautiful egg basket liner and that’s all that matters Ann. (There’s nothing tastier than feshly laid eggs!)

  6. Great basket liner Ann – it’s a good way to start practicing on free motion stitching and you made it work in the end. That’s all that counts 🙂

  7. Ann, I think the liner looks great, serves its purpose, and I’ll just bet you the chickens will like having their eggs in that basket!

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