Mostly spinning

Mostly spinning

I have been doing some demos lately. It is much easier to demo spinning than wet felting.  This is at the the Richmond fair.

ann and jan gord and great wheel

Jan(sitting) and I as Jan makes a skein from her spinning. Gord spinning on the Great wheel.

Jan’s Husband was doing a blacksmith demo.


He made us some great hooks for our wheels.


On the second day this is what it looked like.


We gave up. we packed up early and went down to the sheep barn where our friend Mary who was doing a demo there.

mary in the sheep barn

We got to watch some of the seep show.

tunis sheep sheep

The red one is a Tunis sheep. I am not sure what the group is.

I must say that most of these pictures are Jan’s. I forgot to take many and they were not great.

11 thoughts on “Mostly spinning

  1. Looks as though you had fun despite the weather on the second day! The wheel hooks are great and that’s a nice vest Ann.

    1. Thank you both, we did have a good time. I love doing demos. I was taking pictures of my shrug for the forum ( daily dose of fiber) so I took some of the vest too. I will put them up on the forum shortly.

  2. It’s too bad you had the bad weather, but it looks like a cool event. I look forward to the vest pictures. I like it as well.

  3. i thot the shots looked familer! i think the group shot of the sheep were Cheviets (i was thinking sheep that drive cars- chevrolays). the demo was fun even if the wether went bad. if you have the opertunity volinter to demo with your local guilds.

  4. Weather is so unpredictable. I was going to an artist reception tonight and we have tornado warnings for this evening. But, it looks like the day was still successful for you.

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