Raw Fleece Helmet

Raw Fleece Helmet

A little while ago I showed you  the prototype for a large felt helmet I was planning and the finished hat. http://wp.me/p1WEqk-2rU  now I thought I would show you some of  the process. There are lots of pictures.

I used a dog brush to fluff up the ends of the horns. I never manage to keep the ends dry. I taped the resist inside the horn to the hat resist and then added some brown wool under the white so it wouldn’t show so much inside.

attaching the horn attaching the horn 2

plastic wrapped horns I wrapped the horn in plastic again so it wouldn’t stick to the hat.

curls on

I added the wool for this side then did the same on the other side and added the raw unwashed Wensleydale fleece form a sheep named Wiki. It was important to use an unwashed flees so I could keep the curls and not have them all felted down. You can see the dirt running off when I got it wet. It took a lot of soapy water to get it wet.


dirty sheep horns after first roll

The horns were a not very white after the first rolling.

After washing all the dirt was gone.

hat dry hat dry horns

Even after fulling it was a big hat. I wanted to put it over a helmet but couldn’t find one so I put a hard hat harness inside so it is adjustable.

hard hat harnis

And here is me in my hat.

me in hat web


23 thoughts on “Raw Fleece Helmet

  1. Bravo, Ann! Fantastic helmet. What are you going to use it for? I just don’t quite udernstand the procedure about attaching the horn: did you leave the resist in it? What wool did you use as a base, before you started adding raw fleece?

    1. Thank you, yes I left the resist in the horns so I could anchor them in place. It was a natural brown Finish wool. I made it for a show my guild was having. I wanted something different and eye catching.

  2. It’s a fantastic helmet! Well made!

    There must be lots of dramatic societies and costume hire shops that would just love to have that.

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