My Felt in the Guild Exhibition

My Felt in the Guild Exhibition

My  guild exhibition opened on Wednesday. we had a vernissage  Thursday evening.

guild show

I can now show you the hat I have been working on for ages. First I had to make a prototype, modeled her by my son. It was how to make, attach and manage the horns that I needed to work out.

prototype 1 web prototype 2 web

Very Monty Python to me.

The finished hat looks like this

hat on display

I will do a post about making it in the near future.

I also have some pictures in the exhibition.

pictures hanging


picture hanging

I think they look great hanging. You can get an idea of how big the Cityscape is in the hat picture, it is in the back ground .

Here are some of the other things in the exhibition.

colapsable weave lace shawl

Collapsible weave scarf and a lace shawl hand spun and knit.

shawl shawl close up

Hand woven shawl and close up of the pattern.

hand dyed, spun and knit handspun and knitting

Hand dyed, hand spun and hand knit. hand spun and hand knit art yarns.

pillows from hands woven fabric mettal weaving

Pillows from handwoven fabric. Hand woven metal wall hanging.





22 thoughts on “My Felt in the Guild Exhibition

  1. Your wall-hangings look great, Ann! And the hat with horns is amazing. Thanks for sharing your exhibit photos.

  2. Everything looks great. I love the hats! I look forward to learning about the horns as well. The hanging presentation of the shawls are great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations for all your works.The horns hat is fabulous and I really look forward to learn how you did it.Great creativity.

  4. Your son was born to wear that hat! I love the second pose. The horns are fab as is the finished hat. Stunning piece of work!
    Your pictures do look good in their frames – you must be very proud.

  5. Congratulations Ann! It looks like a wonderful exhibition. The hat is wonderful and your son is really cute too 🙂 I would love to see the finished hat on your son as well as the photo doesn’t seem to do it justice. Looking forward to the “hat making” post.

    1. Thanks Ruth, I am going to try and get a better picture of it. I think it needs some light in front of it. The overhead lights create shadows that do to photograph well.

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