Felting Along

Felting Along

I am felting along. I do not have anything much to show for it yet but I am plugging away at several things.

I am almost finished the instructions for a nuno felt bracelet kit I plan on selling. I have all the instructions for the felting done but still need to do the finishing, adding buttons and button holes. It takes so much longer to do than you think it will.

Pull the wool roll

check fit again

I have been working on finishing some other bracelets. This is the one I am working on at the moment.

bracelet in progress

I have been spinning on a new drop spindle made by my friend Judy.

spindle 2

Have you been tackling big jobs or small ones so far this summer?





12 thoughts on “Felting Along

  1. I love the pink and orange nuno felt bracelet! Yes, it does take longer than you think – but there is an end … honestly.

  2. The pink/orange bracelet is so cheerful! Love the design you created. I’ve done some smaller projects this summer, but also some larger ones. The felt circles mobile I’ve been trying to make is a project that may remain unfinished temporarily. The circles were easy, mobile not so much!
    In the meantime, I have to work on other felting projects so as not to feel too frustrated.

    1. Thanks Carol, it was part of an experiment I did a while ago that I am finally getting around to finishing. I left you a suggestion on the forum about your mobile. Sometimes it is best to walk away and come back with a more relaxed outlook.

  3. The bracelets are a great idea. It is harder to explain than to do. ;-). Will you sell these and the kits at a fair or online? Since I’ve been away the past two weeks I’ve been limited to needlework. But I like your idea of the small kit. I think that’s what I’ll do on my next trip. Good luck finishing the tutorial!

    1. I will sell them at fairs. I may put them on my site. I have another small kit in mind too. I need to get the instructions all finished and then start assembling kits. My first show is in late August.

  4. Yes – it always takes longer than you think it will. I have lots of e-books to finish, an online course I want to put together and then all the usual stuff like running the store and summer here is crazy. So I have been doing small stuff and trying to stay sane. 🙂

    The bracelet is great and I’m sure the kits will be popular for you. Once you get the instructions done it should be fairly simple to get the kits together after that. 🙂

    1. I don’t know how you find the time you do to everything you do. I finished the bracelet today. I put some pictures on the forum under the daily dose of fiber.
      Yes, putting together the kits themselves should be strait forward. I have everything for in them. I will have to cut more dyed silk and measure the wool out.

  5. The bracelet is really nice, Ann 🙂
    Yeah, instructions/tutorials always take at least 3 times longer than I think they will. I’ve mostly been moaning about the heat lately!

    1. Thanks Zed, The only hold up right now is getting my son and me with a few min. at the same time to take the pictures. we have had a couple of weeks of great weather and now we are back to heat and humidity, we will back to just over 100F again today.

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