Making a Felt Hat with T-pins

Making a Felt Hat with T-pins

A little while ago I received some T-pins. I had never used them before. I haven’t mad and hats with folds for some time as they are difficult to get the folds where you want them. As you try to put the second fold in the first one can easily get pulled out and so on. with the T-pins it was much easier. I could put a fold in and then pin it and then work on the next one.

hat with pins


The hat block is a hard foam raffia hat block. the only place I know that sells them is Franks,  I left all the pins in while it dried. Here it is after is is dry. It is merino wool with silk lap on accents

hat1 hat 2 hat 4 hat 3


I am quite pleased with it. I haven’t yet decided if I want to leave the organic edge or if I want to trim it smooth and even.

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  1. The colours and folds are beautiful Ann, I am with Lyn, the folds are so lovely and crisp I wonder if either turning the organic edge under or cutting it to smooth it would take it to another level?

    1. Thank you Teri I think a straighter edge will work best here too. All the other edges are straight. I will probably cut it and then wet the edge and felt to heal the wound.

  2. Fantastic hat! I wouldn’t change anything, it looks perfect as it is. How many layers of merino did you lay?
    I’ve never seen T-pins and I don’t believe they sell them here.

    1. thank you Nada. Where do you live? I got them at a business supply store but raft stores and millinery supply stores sell them too.
      I used 3 layers of merino about 75 grams total. and then added a little contrasting merino and the silk for embellishment.

  3. The hat is beautiful! I agree with Nada to leave it as is. It has character a store bought hat wouldn’t have. I have a box of t pins, now I now how to use them with the felt!

  4. The hat is wonderful and although I usually like organic edges, perhaps straight edge here would be better, I think if you’re planning on selling the hat, most people would like a smooth edge. It would make it look finished in their eyes. I have found that lots of people who aren’t like us fiber addicts can’t understand the “uneven” edges that we all seem to love.

    1. Thank you Ruth. I do plan on selling the hat. I think your right about people being used to smooth even edges. It took me a long time to like organic edges.

  5. Interesting observation about smooth edges Ruth. Hadn’t thought of it along those lines before. Guess that I’m a felter who usually likes a smooth edge.

    I especially like how the silk embellishment moves with the curve at the back of the hat! It’s a very wearable and lovely hat!

    1. Thank you Juliane, I live adding silk to felt. I am not as picky about edges as I used to be but I think this one will be best with a smooth edge.

  6. The hat turned out great, Ann, lovely colours 🙂
    I hadn’t heard of T pins before. Ruth makes a good point.

  7. I love this hat. It has plenty of style and design. I do agree though, that most people do not understand the uneven look that fiber artists love. I do a lot of art that the general public does not understand and it is not popular. Judges seem to like it.

    1. Thanks Judy, I think I will be trimming it. I don’t think the wobbly edges go with this syle of hat. Judges seem to be a funny lot. We had a competition the weavers and spinners guild once and the judges comment on the overall event was that they didn’t understand why people have made clothing.

  8. This looks really good! I ordered some t-pins a while ago to help me block my knits, but it’s interesting to see how they can be multifaceted 🙂

  9. Love it – can’t wait to try. I’ve only made a couple of hats on a ball and one with a resist. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    It looks great.

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