Yurt Tono and a Felting Party

Yurt Tono and a Felting Party

Dennis and I are still plugging away at the carpentry work on the yurt. This past weekend, we drilled the holes in the tono. The tono is the circle at the top of the yurt that the roof poles fit into. Dennis bought a special drill guide so that we could drill the holes at a 30 degree angle. I can’t imagine how we would have drilled at the proper angle without this guide.

Drill GuideIt works really slick. Dennis had measured and marked where all 52 holes needed to be around the outside of the circle.

Holes in TonoSo now we just need to sand the tono a bit more and it will be ready to paint. You can see that one of the holes is a little bit off. We’re not sure how that happened but it will just have to do.

Pole StopWe also felted two more wall panels on Sunday. Luckily, I got recruitment labor. 🙂  To prevent the felt from sliding around on the PVC pipe, we added a couple of additions. It’s pipe insulation covered with duct tape.

PVC Pipe ChangesWe also had to replace the small inner PVC pipe with a galvanized steel pipe. The plastic PVC was getting eaten by the chain inside.

Felt WalkersAfter the water was applied, all our felting party guests walked on it. Here’s a little video I took:

Two Walls Laid OutBecause I had helpers, we were able to lay out two walls and get them felted in a day.

RollersHere we are on the first roll of the day.

Getting the Air OutThat’s Paula trying to get rid of some of the air under the plastic.

Getting It TightIs it tight enough?

Tying the RollNow to get the ropes in place to tie the roll.

Square KnotsAnd tying it up with square knots. If you don’t get it tight enough, it really slides around a lot.

Getting Ready to RollThen the roll is attached to the tractor.

AttachedStart off slowly to make sure everything is going to roll properly.

Tractor FeltingAnd off it goes. The recipe is 5 times around the field, roll from the other end, another 5 times around, flip the felt over, 5 times around and roll from the other end with a final 5 times around. And it’s felt!! I didn’t get any photos of the finished felt but I will show you all the walls when they are completed. So one more wall panel and then we’ll start on the roof. Progress is being made and I’m shooting for completion by mid October.

12 thoughts on “Yurt Tono and a Felting Party

  1. Hey – it’s looking really slick. You’ll be able to go into production after this – would be a shame to waste all that hard-won experience! 😉

  2. Good point raised in the last comment – as you seem to have worked it out so well, you could go into production!

    Seriously, the video is great and I’m sure you enjoyed working with other people – many hands do make light work.

    1. One of the guys played “Working on the Chain Gang” on his phone. Paula has done a lot of felting and Bunny a little. Otherwise no experience but this is fairly simple.

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