More Fingerless Mitts

More Fingerless Mitts

Can you tell I am on a roll with these. I did this pair a little differently. Instead of doing it around a resist I made a flat piece of black felt and then sewed on some sari waste ribbon.

flat fingerless mitts start

I want them to be sort off raggy looking in the end.

I wanted to put big black buttons to fasten it but I didn’t have enough so I used all different ones. I think it turned out better with the different coloured buttons.flat fingerless mitts finished

And here is what they look like on.

flat fingerless mitts on maegan

I really like the way they turned out and will probably make more this way.






13 thoughts on “More Fingerless Mitts

  1. Definitely fun especially since it coordinates with the blue nail polish. ;-). They will be a big hit I’m sure. I live the addition of the sari.

  2. Not having black buttons was a stroke of luck – the assorted colours of buttons and sari ribbons make these really special!

  3. Ann, I was in a craft store yesterday and noticed a cover of a knitting book called “texting mittens.”
    I think your mittens would also make great texting mittens! The knitted ones had an open thumb, but your offer even more freedom and style!

    1. Marilyn I have been telling people they are great for texting. The other thing they are used for is people with carpal tunnel problems. They are supposed to keep there wrists warm when typing. This is a stylish way to do it.

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