A small weekend show

A small weekend show

It was a long weekend her in Canada and I went to a small outdoor show in a small town near me. It was part of Canalfest. It was a very nice weekend with a little rain but not enough to keep people away. The fingerless mitts and bobble bracelets were popular.

I had a great spot right on the end next to one of the main streets and parking. I got to set up so people could walk right through the booth.

canelfest 1 canelfest 2

I got to meet a young woman who reads our blog. That was really nice. I didn’t get her name but she sells soy candles.

The other great thing that happened was I got to trade with another  vendor. She got a hat she wanted and I got this great statue. She has real attitude.

girl statue 2 girl statue

She is by Lynn’s divine Creations. She is a fabric statue but she is hard. Karen help me out here what Do you call it? Paverpol is a brand name and I think she uses a different brand.




8 thoughts on “A small weekend show

    1. Thank you Lyn. I really liked it this way. people looked at the table form both sides. I didn’t really fit in the space though. My hat stand was outside and I was sitting outside. This is usually fine at an outdoor show as long as you don’t interfere with other booths or the flow of traffic. Its a big no no at indoor shows. It does make me think that having a booth that is not against a wall would still work. I get a bigger booth at indoor shows. I have another set of racks for scarves too.

  1. Well, that’s a good deal, in my opinion. I once painted on a saw for a woman who crochet a shawl for me. We did a swap. I think I got the best end of the deal. I still have that wonderful shawl from about 30 years ago. And it still looks brand new.

    1. I think we all think other peoples work is worth more than our own. Other people feel the same about our work. I couldn’t make the doll and she can’t make a felt hat so I think we both did well.

  2. The stall looks great, Ann 🙂 The statue is great too, I like the antique metal effect.

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