How to Build a Yurt in 51 Days and Counting

How to Build a Yurt in 51 Days and Counting

I thought it would be a catchy title if I could say “How to Build a Yurt in 30 Days” but once I started counting how long we’ve been working that somehow didn’t work out. There is even a YouTube video on how to build a yurt in three days. Obviously, they had a few more people working on the project and didn’t have all those things like working full-time, running a gallery, doing paint class homework, company visiting etc. to get in the way. Any who, we’ve been progressing along. Dennis is still working on the tono which is the central ring in the roof that the roof poles fit into.


This is the top layer of the three rings that will be glued together. Dennis made 4 grooves with the router for the crown portions. He made cuts in both of the crown pieces so they would fit together.


Then he glued and screwed the crown portions in. Then he worked on drilling holes to put the dowels in the various layers so that the entire tono will be solid.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s the bottom tono layer with the holes drilled.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the middle tono layer with the dowel bits in place.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAA side view of the middle layer so you can see how the dowels will go into the top and bottom layers. Now he just has to put it all together and drill the 52 holes evenly around the edge at exactly a 33.3 degree angle. That should be easy 🙂

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADennis has also been working on the roof poles. They need to fit into the holes in the tono.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASo we got this neat little multi-purpose tool to do that.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s about half of them completed. So you must be wondering by now what I have been doing. I have still been sanding wall rods. Remember all those holes in the wall rods? Well, they ended up having bits of wood still in the hole from the drilling process.



So I have been using this little tool to get the wood out of the holes in the wall rods.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s only 990 holes that need to be reamed out on both sides. And then I had to sand them lightly again. So I have been sanding, sanding, sanding… And the roof poles still haven’t been sanded. This weekend though I am starting the felting process for the walls. I hope to take some videos to show you next week.





13 thoughts on “How to Build a Yurt in 51 Days and Counting

  1. Wow, it such a lot of work Ruth.So many holes. Will it be able to fold up accordion style when it’s done? Would you get Denise a leather work glove to hold the pole with. I looks very dangerous cutting towards his fingers that way. Gives me shivers.

    1. It will fold up accordian style. I agree about cutting towards his hand but he is all done now. Still has all his fingers too.

  2. Dennis is doing a beautiful job on the wood working. I can’t wait to see it all together, it is going to be a beautiful work with the two of you collaborating on it.


  3. Wonderful progress! Do you sleep? 🙂 I give you both a lot credit for tackling such a big project. I’m sure it will be worth it when you’re sitting in it in your yard relaxing! I look forward to the next steps.

    1. He was going to clamp the boards to hold them but it just did not work well. So he ended up just holding them. I should put a warning: Don’t try this at home. 🙂

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