Cat Cave

I should be making more scarves but I wasn’t in the mood so I decide to do a cat cave.  I wanted to make one that looked like a pebble. I used some gray I had on hand. I have no idea what it is but it felt like a medium wool.  I put a paw print on before covering the bottom with the resist,

paw print

I add a spot on the top so I know where to cut the whole later. I rubbed it and rolled it and then into the dryer for a tumble.

wool coming through the cover You can see how the wool migrates through the cover when it comes out of the dryer.  I cut the hole and rolled it up the other way and back in to the dryer. Next I rolled it on a car floor mat. It has nice ridges but they are flexible. I roll it back and forth on the mat. I do not rub it on the ridges. It would got to hard on the surface.



shrinkage paw print finished

I am not sure its hard enough now that it’s dry. I my wet it down and give it a trip through the front load washer. If it works out I will see if I can pass the jury to get into the Shelter Exhibition.





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12 Responses to Cat Cave

  1. louisa says:

    Cute paw print! 🙂

    I made a similar – pawless – cave a few months ago and it worked brilliantly – until both cats conspired to sit on top of it. It was pretty stiff but not quite stiff enough to stand up to their tubbiness. Having just got some new kittens, I need to make some more beds but I think I’ll stick to bowl shaped ones rather than full on caves.

    • Yes I know the flatten them, they have no respect for our work. :O) I am hoping to get it stiff enough that I can pop it back and it will stay. I am thinking of doing one with a much bigger hole, maybe half the cave.

  2. That is so fun, I know one of my kitties would love it. She likes to snuggle up on my wool rugs, that I am working on.


  3. Lyn says:

    It’s a lovely cat cave ….and as it’s a shelter, why not give the exhibition a go!

  4. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Very clever. Good luck with the exhibition!

  5. ruthlane says:

    It’s great Ann. I hope you will enter.

  6. Such a really creative idea. Who would not want their special kitty to sleep in there.

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