Medieval Fair

Medieval Fair

This Last weekend was our local medieval fair. I share  a booth with a friend.  It was the hottest weekend of the year.

booth at medieval fair

That’s my friend Linda in the booth.

I looked like this

Dressed up for the fair
Dressed up for the fair

It’s the picture from last year but I had the same outfit again. I did give up the head gear in the heat. I demonstrated on my drop spindle all weekend. I sold quite a few spindle kits and needle felted gnome kits. Maybe there will be some new addicts for both.

What people really come to see are the knights

knights jousting knight


All in all a fun weekend.

11 thoughts on “Medieval Fair

  1. These Knights In Shinning Armor are probably baking in their sweat. Wow what fantastic action. We have these fairs also, as most of America has descended from England.

  2. I can’t believe it’s a year ago that you did the fair – seems like only a few months!

    You must have been sweltering in that dress, but the jousting knights must have felt as if they’d been wrapped in tin foil and popped in the oven.

    1. Time flies when you are having fun. I guess we are having fun. I think they did Lyn. They had nights in armour doing sword fighting too. I am glad all I had to wear was a dress.

    1. Not in this heat! Maybe that’s why these last couple of weeks have seemed like a couple of months.

  3. I commend you for putting up with the heat in that dress. The rest looks like fun, I hope you had good sales!

  4. I can’t believe it’s been a year either. And it looks like fun, too bad it was so hot. Glad you sold some stuff and you’re making new fiber addicts. 🙂

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