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Medieval Fair

Medieval Fair

This Last weekend was our local medieval fair. I share  a booth with a friend.  It was the hottest weekend of the year.

booth at medieval fair

That’s my friend Linda in the booth.

I looked like this

Dressed up for the fair
Dressed up for the fair

It’s the picture from last year but I had the same outfit again. I did give up the head gear in the heat. I demonstrated on my drop spindle all weekend. I sold quite a few spindle kits and needle felted gnome kits. Maybe there will be some new addicts for both.

What people really come to see are the knights

knights jousting knight


All in all a fun weekend.

Fun at the Medieval Fair

Fun at the Medieval Fair

Last weekend I was a vendor, along with a friend at tour local medieval fair. People have asked to see my outfit so here is the only picture I managed to get. It’s not very good I will try to get a better one and post it on the Forum,

Dressed up for the fair

Here is the booth we had. I did take the felt pouches I blogged about earlier and some shawls. We had bloomers and headdresses like I am wearing as well as Mayday style ones.


There was a camp to show medieval life. They were supposed to be on their way home from a battle.

Grinding wheat for bread

The event isn’t strict about time period or even staying historically correct so we had pirates too


and for the more adventurous a chain mail bikini.

chain mail

All in all it was a fun weekend. Now I hope to have time to do some experiments with felt.

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