Fun at the Medieval Fair

Fun at the Medieval Fair

Last weekend I was a vendor, along with a friend at tour local medieval fair. People have asked to see my outfit so here is the only picture I managed to get. It’s not very good I will try to get a better one and post it on the Forum,

Dressed up for the fair

Here is the booth we had. I did take the felt pouches I blogged about earlier and some shawls. We had bloomers and headdresses like I am wearing as well as Mayday style ones.


There was a camp to show medieval life. They were supposed to be on their way home from a battle.

Grinding wheat for bread

The event isn’t strict about time period or even staying historically correct so we had pirates too


and for the more adventurous a chain mail bikini.

chain mail

All in all it was a fun weekend. Now I hope to have time to do some experiments with felt.

8 thoughts on “Fun at the Medieval Fair

  1. Your costume looks great, Ann 🙂
    It looks like it was a fun day, are those felted viking hats?
    And that pirate and his friend look suspiciously like Gary Oldman and Jane Seymour!

  2. Love your outfit Ann but I would hate to have to wear anything like that for day-to-day working as I would think it’s not terribly practical and could be very hot.
    You had great weather and that makes such a difference doesn’t it? Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. Thank you Lyn. The layered dress wasn’t bad for heat, it was loose. I had to get used to mot backing up without moving the dress. the back and sides are longer then the front and you step on them. the head covering wasn’t even bad as long as I stayed out of the sun. The shear silk trapped heat under it but didn’t keep the heat out. A heavier cotton or linen would have been better, more like a hat. We did enjoy the breezes when they came.

  4. I think the fair would be a lot more interesting and fun than your usual craft events. But I am too old to endure the heat right now. Wish I could have seen all the costumes.

    1. It was more interesting but the sales were not as good as some of the other regular sales venues. People aren’t really there to buy things. We sold lots of the mayday style headdresses. We were very lucky almost the whole sales area was under trees so we were never in the sun. If you go the the Kingdom of Osgoode facebook page there are links to lots of pictures of the day.!/groups/115446543437/

  5. Ann – the costume turned out great. I do think that people attend those more for entertainment than shopping. Glad you had good weather.

  6. Definitely more for fun. However if you have the right merchandise you can do really well. The knife and sword seller did really well. There aren’t many places near her to look at that sort of thing. My son bought a sword. The lady next to me had little bottles and coloured sand. Kids fill the bottles with layers of coloured sand and then cork. They pay depending on the bottle they pick. She did a great business. Very transferable to any kind of festival.

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