Remaking my Boots

Remaking my Boots

If you remember I am taking a felt boot class.

The boots looked pretty good when done but I wasn’t happy. I kept putting of finishing them and so I sat down and had a good look at them to see what I didn’t like. Well, the way the resist is made just didn’t work. I ended up with the extra to account for your calf in the front not the back. So when you put them on you end up with a big fold in the back of the ankle.

gray felt boots wrong

Also because you make the tongue first and then wrap it around the front of the resist it gets felted in at an angle and that doesn’t change as you felt so when you pull the tongue up along the front of your leg you get a big fold that would be uncomfortable.  Her boots look fine and I haven’t seen any questions or complaints on the class blog so maybe if you don’t have big calves you don’t have this problem.

I decided to make another pair. I cut the resist at the ankle and turned it around. I also added a little more in the depth of the foot. I think I would rather trim it than only just have the fit.

boot new layout

I have finished the initial felting. Now they just need some more time and elbow grease to finish them. Theses ones are in a natural brown Finn wool.

7 thoughts on “Remaking my Boots

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your brown boots – it takes a big effort to start again but you need to be happy with them and I think you’ve done the right thing.

  2. It is important that your boots fit correctly. No point in spending all that time with something that doesn’t fit. Looking forward to seeing the brown pair.

  3. It sounds really complicated, I’m glad you’re able to work out what’s wrong with them and figure out how to put that right.

  4. This is such a big undertaking, I can’t imagine all the problems. I have made my own patterns for wearable art and hats, but I never had to make the fabric. Quite an accomplishment.

  5. It’s as well you have the know-how to correct the pattern before going even further. Such a lot of work, but if anything needs to fit well it’s footwear. Look forward to seeing your brown pair.

    Keep smiling 🙂

  6. Wow Ann thats a lot of work making another pair but you have to be happy with them. At least you know what to do to make any changes thats needed so this next pair should be perfect 🙂

  7. Thank you ladies I think the brown will be very nice. I think the gray ones can be salvaged. I will cut them and sew them back up. I have a friend that is very good at adjusting things who will help me. I didn’t want to order the soles until I was happy with the boots.

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