Around the web

Around the web

felting around the web 4

Inger’s Watermelon Slippers

stitching around the web

Chain Stitched Jupiter Embroidery

Mr. Finch’s Stitched Moths, Animals and Other Insects

Knotted Feather Stitch Elephant

spinning around the web mostly Russian distaffs

3 thoughts on “Around the web

  1. I’m going to try those easy felted balls with my grand-daughter during half-term next week (she’s made some ‘the other way’ but this looks more fun doesn’t it?).

    I really like the embroidery elephant – so fresh and colourful.

  2. One of the ladies at my guild gave it a try. she said it took a lot of shaking. like making butter in a baby food jar. starts out fun but looses its charms after a while. However she did make 3 of them. I like doing them in the washer and dryer.

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