Felt Cuffs Started

Felt Cuffs Started

I was inspired by Zed’s post about felted cuffs. http://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2012/07/25/wrist-cuffs/

I have  some felted water bottle covers that have been hanging around for to long.

Everyone tells me what a good idea they are but no one buys them. So I decided to repurpose them. I started by cutting them in to rings and then cutting across them to make them flat. I also made a slit at one end of each for the buttons.

As you can see they look kind of wobbly before they are refelted. I rolled them in a place mat made out of sticks. They are great for little projects. I kept stretching them so they would not end up to short .

and the yellow ones

All the covers are now cuffs. I haven’t managed to get anything else done on them. I have picked out a bag of buttons to use for the closures. Then I plan to do some beading and  if I get my machine serviced some free motions embroidery. I have never tried it before.

Here are the buttons I’ve picked out.

What have you repurposed?

4 thoughts on “Felt Cuffs Started

  1. I think they’re going to look great! And re-purposing is sooo satisfying – almost like getting something for nothing.

    Beading and free machining would really enhance the cuffs, but if your machine is not ready, hand-stitching can be just as effective.

  2. They look great, Ann! 🙂
    I like the buttons, too. It’s a shem they don’t seel as bottle covers, they look really nice

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