Outdoor Show

Outdoor Show

Over the years I have done several outdoor shows and they are great venues. This week-end I did one I hadn’t done before and it should have been a great show. It is primarily an art show with may visual artists, potters and unique jewellers. However it rained all week-end and hardly anything was sold by anyone.

A favourite topic is always booth design; how best to display your products and how best to entice people into your booth. A lot depends on the amount of space you have.  Here is a picture of my booth on a rainy weekend in June. For me it feels very crowded with the walls of the tent on. This was during a brief dry period so I could get a couple of things out front.

At The New Art Festival.

Although the sale wasn’t great I did get to meet lots of other artists and had time to chat with them. I have been inspired to knit myself a cool shawl. I am not sure how long it will take. I am not a knitter at all but when I get it done I will blog about it.

Here is a shot  inside my booth.

I am going to post some more pictures over on the Felt and Fiber Forum  if you want to give a long critique or detailed suggestions pop over and have a look.

6 thoughts on “Outdoor Show

  1. What a shame about the weather – but it even rains on royalty – the queen got very damp during her jubilee celebrations this weekend too!

    Your booth looks inviting, but when the public has to move from stall to stall in the rain, then attendance will be low.
    I’m glad that you’re not disheartened and that you enjoyed yourself nonetheless.

  2. Did you get a chance to go and look at others booth designs? You can always get good ideas that can then be translated into what you do. Sorry the weather wasn’t good.

  3. Most were paintings hanging on grids. The other clothing was on poles hanging sideways. I don’t like it for scarves you can’t see them very well. the stepped display that has the bottles and flowers is on its last legs but I am not sure what to replace it with. maybe 2 steps deeper and taller. The one I have the shelves come off and the base folds flat.

  4. It must be hard to have all the right equipment for diplaying at different shows if the booths/layout is always different. It looks like yours is layed out really well, Ann.

  5. Most of what I have folds flat or fits in a bin. 10×10 is a standard size for most shows. I get a 10 by 12 or 15 when I can at indoor shows. even 2 feet makes a big difference. The cubes the mannequins are on come apart and fold flat. They came out of someone’s garbage. A friend saw them and grabbed them for me. ( we are garbage pickers from way back) I had only seen white ones and these are black. Black ones seem to disappear to the eye. That’s why I have black grids to hang the scarves on too.

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