Over Dyeing a Shrug Jacket

Over Dyeing a Shrug Jacket

I’ve been dying some shrug jackets this week. I made all the fabric white then sewed them with silk thread before dying. this way the thread will get dyed with the fabric and it will match.

This one I did spiced pumpkin. I would say it came out of the dye pot pumpkin without any spice at all. So, it needs to be over dyed.

Orange shrug before over dying

I decided to add my own spice. i found a reddish brown to use. I mixed it up and poured it on in stripes across the wet jacket.

Orange shrug with dye poured on.

Then I rolled it up and popped it the microwave for a few min to get it started. I wanted some of the striping to remain and not have the dye just disperse into the water and dye the whole thing. for plastic I used half a cheap plastic drop sheet. the are nice and thin but huge.

Orange shrug ready for the microwave.

Here it is after cooking and drying. It’s not a great picture because it is a really bright sunny day.

Orange shrug after over dying

You can see some of the stripe but it’s not a rigid line and the orange has gone  a little spiced and not quite as blinding orange.

9 thoughts on “Over Dyeing a Shrug Jacket

  1. Thanks ladies, yes the right thread is important. I’ve done some fiber reactive dying on cotton shirts from the store and the thread always stays white. It looks OK on a tank top.

  2. Hi guys! I just stopped here and found your wonderful work! I wanted to ask you what type of dyes have you used to pour the piece? I’ m from Argentina and here we use a dye called “anilina” but we use it with hot water., not just the powder. Could I use any type of dye that way, I mean with the microwave? Thanks a lot and congratulations for your work.

  3. Thank you, I am glad you found us. we also run a forum where you can ask questoins and share too. The link is on the right.
    The dyes I used where mild acid dyes. I buy them as a powder and mix them with hot water ( they dissolve better in hot water). Acid dye is what is normally used for protein fibers: wool ,alpaca and silk are some. acid dye need heat to set. With the whole piece of fabric wet you can microwave it for short amounts of time. Make sure not to heat it to much or it will burn. Paula Burch’s dye site http://www.pburch.net/dyeing.shtml. has lost of information and she may be able to tell you if what you have are mild acid dye. you can ask her questions if you can’t find what you need on her site.

    1. Thank you very much, you’re so nice and generous! I will check that link right now, and of course I’ll folow your blog too, there isn’t too much information of dyes in our country so I’m very glad for your advice!

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