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Over Dyeing a Shrug Jacket

Over Dyeing a Shrug Jacket

I’ve been dying some shrug jackets this week. I made all the fabric white then sewed them with silk thread before dying. this way the thread will get dyed with the fabric and it will match.

This one I did spiced pumpkin. I would say it came out of the dye pot pumpkin without any spice at all. So, it needs to be over dyed.

Orange shrug before over dying

I decided to add my own spice. i found a reddish brown to use. I mixed it up and poured it on in stripes across the wet jacket.

Orange shrug with dye poured on.

Then I rolled it up and popped it the microwave for a few min to get it started. I wanted some of the striping to remain and not have the dye just disperse into the water and dye the whole thing. for plastic I used half a cheap plastic drop sheet. the are nice and thin but huge.

Orange shrug ready for the microwave.

Here it is after cooking and drying. It’s not a great picture because it is a really bright sunny day.

Orange shrug after over dying

You can see some of the stripe but it’s not a rigid line and the orange has gone  a little spiced and not quite as blinding orange.