Felting Class

Felting Class

To start I apologise for the formatting but no matter how many times I fix it, it changes when I save It. I hope you can read it alright.

Last weekend I taught needle felting to a group of ladies at Just Knitting in Carleton Place Ontario. They were learning the basics by making Easter eggs.

Here they are starting with their core wool. That’s me on the left, in the orange.

Beginning to Felt







Here they’ve covered the eggs in a base colour and they are adding decorations.


Adding Colour









Here are four completed eggs


Easter Eggs







One of the ladies wanted to do a matryoshka doll. She didn’t have time to finish during class so she took some wool home.


Matryoshka doll
matryoshka finished



Another decided hers looked more like a chick and added a beak and wings.


Blue Chic









Two weeks ago I did a wet felted bird house class. I forgot to take pictures during class but did get one at the end of the class. The lady on the right has felted before and brought wool from her flock. It was Rideau Arcott wool. It is a down breed. She knew it might not work the way she wanted but wanted to give it a try.  Her bird house didn’t shrink very much and it needs a lot more work to sturdy it up. She ended up putting them through the washer twice and they still haven’t shrunk much or hardened up. It is the nature of this wool. It was an interesting experiment.


Bird House Class

8 thoughts on “Felting Class

  1. They both look like fun classes, Ann 🙂
    I like the matryoshka.
    I have the same troubles with formatting, that’s why I pretty much always stick to using the ‘gallery’ format. Last time I added photos it kept deleting photos and adding the caption to the previous photo’s caption box. Very weird.

  2. They where fun classes. She did a nice job of the doll didn’t she? I think everyone had fun. I am sure the eggs are brightening there Easter displays.
    It is strange. This is the first time I have pasted the words in and then added the pictures. I wonder if that had something to do with it.

  3. The eggs are joyful and wonderful colours, as are the bird houses – but oh the disappointment shows on the face of the lady who used the rideau arcott wool doesn’t it? The lady on the left looks very content with hers and the lady in the middle looks fit to burst with delight!

  4. Love the birdhouses, Ann. It is amazing how diverse the results are when teaching. Everyone goes off on their own tangent and it is great to see the individual results.

  5. thanks everyone. Marilyn wasn’t really disappointed. It was just not a good picture. She new she was experimenting and had a good time. She is a friend and she has taken classes with me before. She is trying to see what she can make with her wool.

  6. It does look like they all had fun Ann, the eggs are cute and the little blue chic is gorgeous, i really love the pods to there so nice a bright 🙂

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