Surface Texture Challenge

Surface Texture Challenge

I’ve been thinking about Ruth’s Studio challenge and taking lots of photos of anything with an interesting texture.

It was really frosty here earlier in the week, so I got lots of nice photos from the garden and nearby park. After looking round the garden and seeing lots of frosty moss, I started working on my first piece. Of course, when I downloaded the photos, this was one that didn’t come out. I blended some different shades of green merino tops, then layed out a couple of layers in an ‘organic’ shape. I then blended some shades of green merino with different amounts of plastic fibre and layed this on top. After it was felted, instead of rolling as I’d usually do, I scrunched the felt as I rinsed the soap out and after squeezing the water out, scrunched it again to give it its shape.

Frosty Moss
Frosty Moss Texture

 I’m really enjoying this challenge. If you’d like to join in, and show us what you’ve made, post a comment to any of the 2012 First quarter challenge posts and link us to what you’ve made, or join our flickr group and add your photos there. Don’t forget to tag them with “surface texture challenge”.


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