Plastic Fibre twists

Plastic Fibre twists

Plastic fibre twists

This is my finished twisted plastic piece for the Studio Challenge. I’d originally planned to make a smaller piece, but once I started making the twists, I really liked the look of them so I made more to make a larger piece. I blended merino wool and recycled plastic bottle fibre with hand carders, then separated small amounts and rolled into twists.  The base is 3 layers of merino tops, and the merino and plastic fibre twists were layed on top. I layed the twists so that the wispy ends met in the centre and went over the edge of the base by about an inch.

Plastic Fibre Twists Close Up

I’d used the plastic fibre a few times before and expected this to be more ‘spongy’ than it was, it does have a nice look and feel to it, it feels nice and thick, but lightweight. We’d love to see your work with twists, twirls or spirals 🙂

11 thoughts on “Plastic Fibre twists

    1. Thanks Ann 🙂
      Yeah, it’s going to be a coaster for my gorgeous white Flower pot

  1. When you talked about plastic, I didn’t realise you could get plastic fibres. Stupid me thought you meant you added strips of plastic bags or similar to the wool. Doh!!
    Anyway, whatever it is made from, it will look great under a white pot!

    1. Oh! 🙂
      That’s not stupid at all, Liz, I recently re-discovered a bag of ‘decorative plastic shred’…I think it’s meant for putting in gift baskets or something…anyway, some of that is kind of pearlescent and I thought I might have a go at using it in felt.
      And thank you, too 🙂

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