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Second Quarter Challenge finished …..I think.

Second Quarter Challenge finished …..I think.

I think I have finished stitching my second quarter challenge. I showed it to you at the beginning of the challenge when I had just started the stitching it, here:

Since then I have finished stitching all the trees. I tried several stitches I saw on line at this great site.  I also made up a couple.

finished 2nd quarter challange 2

I also added some topography to my mountains and foreground to give it more texture and depth. I couched down the multicoloured yarn using a variegated embroidery yarn. The other yarn I stitched through the back so the stiches are not seen except at the end where I didn’t want them to fray.

finished 2nd quarter challange 3 finished 2nd quarter challange 4

I took and angled shot so you could see how the yarns stick up.

finished 2nd quarter challange 5

This is the over all picture.  I am happy with it and enjoyed doing the different stitches. I am not sure if I should do something to the clouds. What do you think. What would you suggest?

finished 2nd quarter challange 1



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