Stitching Some Felt and a Frame

I showed your this piece on the second quarter challenge post.

11 reuse picture

I want to practice some hand stitching on this piece but found it floppy and frustrating to stitch. I thought an embroidery hoop might work but the felt is to thick.

I had seen pictures of the frames for rug hooking. They seem to have wire teeth similar to carding cloth around the edges. I thought that would be too aggressive to hold felt and they are not cheap. So off to the hardware store.

This is what I got, ABS pipe and some elbows.

ABS pipe peices

I assembled them into a rectangle and added the hook side of some industrial Velcro.

ABS pipe assembled ABS velcro

The reason I used the industrial Velcro is because the sticky on the back is so much better. And it is stuck and doesn’t fall off.

ABS all attached ABS all attached 2

It is a bit heavy after a while as I have no stand for it. Lighter pipe would be good but I think smaller pipe would cramp my hand holding it.

This is what I have done so far. Not far but a start.  I would like to try some different stiches. Someone suggested some couching of yarn. I think I will give it a try.

ABS stitching

Have you been thinking about the challenge? Have you been stitching on felt? What is your favourite stitch I should try?



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13 Responses to Stitching Some Felt and a Frame

  1. Lyn says:

    What a great invention Ann! It is tricky to hand stitch a piece of felt without an aid.

    My favourite hand stitch on felt is the French Knot.

  2. luvswool says:

    Very clever piecing for the frame, Ann. Did you mean the velcro holds the felt on or holds the PVC pipes together? When I stitch on felt, I don’t use a frame, rather my knees–which do work quite well. Only occasionally do I stitch the piece to my pants.
    My favorite stitch is couching, and I often lay down a thread and follow it as it takes me on a journey. Serendipity. French knots would be my second fave!

    • Thanks Luvswool. The Velcro keeps the felt attached to the frame. I will try to take a better picture of it and post it in the daily dose of fiber on the felting and fiber studio forum.

  3. zedster66 says:

    It’s amazing how much just a simple stitch adds, isn’t it? 🙂 I like blanket stitch, but I enjoyed most of the ones I tried from take a Stitch Tuesday a couple of years ago, some were harder than others. I can never get chain stitch neat!

    • Yes it really changes the look of things. I like blanket stitch for edging too. That’s a good idea, I will have to go rummage through the take a stitch Tuesday posts.

  4. ruthlane says:

    Great idea Ann! I usually just stitch with the piece on a counter standing up. I know that sounds weird but I can’t sit very long without my back hurting. And I can stitch at the store this way too. I agree with both Cathy and Lyn that French knots and couching are great stitches. I also like stem stitch and random fly stitches piled on top of each other for texture. I don’t usually make the stitch perfect like it is supposed to be but often make it wonky so it looks more like nature.

    • Thanks. My back is fine its my knees. they don’t really like sitting or standing for long periods. I have to alternate. Fly stitch is small stiches going in random directions isn’t it? I will have to look it up. I haven’t tried stem stitch. I will look them up if I can’t find them in the take a stitch Tuesday section of the forum.

  5. Marilyn aka Pandagirl says:

    Very cool idea, Ann! I’m like Cathy and usually work on my lap unless its thin enough for a hoop, but I find that to be a pain sometimes, too. I like the couching stitch. I haven’t done a lot of embroidery in a while. But had started to practice again learning new stitches. I may have to try this frame.

    • Thanks Marilyn. Couching is getting a lot of votes. The frame is working well. I have been going through and back. With couching I will probably I will probably work from the top.

  6. Karen Lane says:

    Your frame is a great idea! As for the stitches, my favourite is the Colonial Knot. It’s very much like the French Knot but I find it works perfect every time whereas my FK was always very hit and miss.

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