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More, Getting Ready for My Upcoming Show.

More, Getting Ready for My Upcoming Show.

My show is coming up fast. It is September 10-11. in Almonte Ontario. I dyed some more silk for scarves. Concentrating on purples.

4 slik scarves 3 silk scarves

I did get 2 scarves finished. The orange one with the yarn on it that I showed you before wetting last time. It needs ironing but I really like how it turned out. The finer yarn shows up much more in person.

orange scarf with yarn

This one has silk top on it and silk throwsters waste but I couldn’t get the throwsters waste to show up in the pictures.

white on white scarf

I also started a hat that will go well with one of the scarves or by it self.

hat getting wet

It’s cut open now and had another roll, then my knees wanted a rest form standing. I will show you the finished hat next time.

Hat ready to felt.

I want to get several more scarves done and a couple of hats and well a ton of other stuff I probably don’t have time to do. Oh well, I wouldn’t want to do anything different this time. LOL


Textured Felt and Some Dyeing

Textured Felt and Some Dyeing

I finished up some textured felt this week. First the pieces I started last week to cut up. They are the wet ones at the bottom of the post.

They turned out great. I am sorry for the quality of the pictures but the pictures are taken in full sunlight as that is all I had.

blue for cutting finnished blue close up

This one has so much depth. The yarn is quite sparkly. I am surprised It didn’t flash back more in the sun.

textured felt for cutting finnished. textured felt for cutting close.

textured felt for cutting angle.

I liked this so much I decided to make a scarf and matching hat.

The scarf is now drying.


scarf wet

The hat is just ready to cut open. I will show you it finished next time.

hat ready to cut open

Lastly I did some silk dying so I can make some scarves for the fall shows.

orange pink silk blanks

The green one on the left will probably get over dyed. It is two shades of green but they are to close. I will probably use some navy blue on part or it.

grean blue silk blanks

I can’t believe the summer is half over. I still have so much to do. How are you doing with your summer felting plans?



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