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2nd Quarter Colour Challenge

2nd Quarter Colour Challenge

I thought I would play around with a digital painting of mine, for Ann’s 2nd Quarter Colour Challenge.

A Digital Painting SMALLI started off using Photoshop. The first filter I used was Median, I wanted to get a simplified version of the painting:

B medianI then used some other filters to get more defined areas of colour. This one was Mosaic, I set the cell size to 50:

c mosaic 50And this was Mosaic with the cell size set to 200:

d mosaic 200I used the Crystalise filter set to 200 for the cell size on this one, the colours are similar to the 200 Mosaic one, but because it follows the shape of the original more and isn’t square, there is  more colour variation:

e 200 crystaliseThe last version I did using Photoshop was using the Gaussian Blur filter. I selected 5cm x 5cm squares, then blurred that section to one colour:

e averageI uploaded the image to a site Ann recommended, Color Palette FX, and this was the result:

F colour palette fxI also used one which had been tried on the forum, Moda Palette Builder. This was a bit different, it didn’t reduce the picture to a few equalised colours, but you  choose which areas of the picture you want to pick out colours from to create a palette:

G modaI always enjoy messing around with colour and on Photoshop, so this was fun.

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