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Lots of Felting on the Go

Lots of Felting on the Go

I’ve been very busy since my last post but I do not have a lot done.

I did teach a hat making class and I will have more about that in another post

I started a new bubble hat…..not finished

bubble hat start

I started a pill box hat…..not finished

pill box

I started a yarn bag…..not finished

yarn bag

And lastly not finished is my postcard to send for the Christmas exchange on the forum. I cant show you that until it is sent and received.

I broke down and pretended I was Zed and did a sample. I almost never do samples but I have a long dress worth of beaded and sequined shear fabric.  I wanted to know how it would work as nuno felt and thought why not see how it works on different colours while I am at it.

beaded sample

The white migrated through more than the black. The white coved many of the beads. The black didn’t do that. Normally I would shave a piece if I had the migrating wool hiding something but I can’t do that  here because it would damage the sequins and maybe the beads too.

The other thing I finished today was these flower pins. They are not very exiting but look great on the side of a hat.

flower pins

I thought I would share some pictures of what I woke up to this morning.

snowy morning 2 snowy morning 1

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Felted Flowers

Felted Flowers

It has been busy around here as we are starting at a new Farmers’ market this weekend and we have been getting ready. This was difficult because they hadn’t sent us any thing about being accepted until a few days ago. There has not been much time for felting but I have managed to do a little. I made wet felted flower pins last year. They sold fairly well but the ones I had left seem tired looking so I am sprucing them up by needle felting some lines on them.

The other exiting thing is that a couple of weeks ago I wont the free give way from world of wool on face book. they sent me a grab bag of wool. The yellow and the purple seem to be silk but I am not sure because the didn’t label the different “balls”. It was a real surprise to win because I never will anything. the wools are great colours and will get put to good use.
wow prize

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