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The Canada give away winners and my colourscape

The Canada give away winners and my colourscape

First, on this Christmas Eve, I get to announce our Canadian giveaway winners. The numbers were generated by a random number generator.  Congratulations to:

This is very generous! I would like to try spinning art yarns and this would be fun to use.

Susan Ozembloski says:

I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. I would love to win to make some felted soaps and vessels. Thanks for this generous giveaway.


Would love to be surprised with a bundle of fiber. Each fiber tells the weaver what it should become. I’m ready to imagine!

We will contact you for your addresses and mail your wool packages after Christmas.

The other thing I did this week was finishing my 4rth quarter challenge, colourscape.

It took a lot more thinking than I thought. After making a nice Autumn coloured background I traced some leaves onto some dissolvable webbing. First I thought I would free-motion to embroider the leaves but I need more practice. I very slowly did two leaves and switched to hand stitching.  This is not such a big deal for me as I quite enjoy hand stitching. I am not good at just sitting in front of the TV. If I knit I would be all set but I don’t.

pictures with webbing

Once it’s all done just a quick rinse under the tap and all the webbing is gone. The colour is not true. for some reason when I took the paper off the phone lightened the wool and turned my couch from the forest green it is above, to the blue below. I tried to change it in the photo program but nothing helped.

I may zig-zag around it to make it square and then trim off the excess but I am not sure. I may just square it with some matboard. Then it can be changed if I want to.

The other question is should I add the main line up the middle of the leaves? And the several main ones on the maple leaves or leave it as it is? When the webbing was in place I thought I should but now the webbing is gone I don’t think it needs it. The stitching is more subtle now and I like it. What do you think?

And I am editing this in because I forgot to say Happy Holidays to Everyone.

A lovely card and some progress.

A lovely card and some progress.

First, the lovely card I received from Jackie, aka The Batty Felter on the forum.  It is a lovely card and she must have done it up quickly to get it here from New Zealand so soon.

And a lovely note explaining what the flowers were. They are so lucky to have such a magnificent tree in bloom at Christmas time.

I feel bad I took so long with mine. and I was in such a hurry to get it into the mail I don’t think I even signed it. So Sorry for the Jackie. I will show you the card after Jackie receives it. They told me it would be there before Christmas.

And now my 4th quarter challenge. I lost the thread I have no idea where it went. It was in my purse. I emptied it out and all I found was the receipt. So I went looking for new thread. I found one that is almost the same and it will do.  I have never heard of this brand.

I put the darning foot on the machine and had a go with a spare piece of felt but I think I need more practice before ding that on anything but a practice piece. I decided to do it with regular sewing, going slow. I did 2 leaves. If they were all simple, it would be fine. There are too many curves.  I only did 2 leaves and stopped. The bottom thread was solid orange. It looks nice against the green back.

I think I will just do it by hand, much less frustrating. I may be cursing doing such a big piece by the time I am done. But maybe not. I like hand stitching.





A very small amount of progress.

A very small amount of progress.

I am afraid it has been a busy week and I have mostly been working on getting my Christmas card done for the exchange. I will do a nice post about that after my partner has received it. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

So really the only thing I have done is finish making the background for my 4th quarter piece.

Next, I downloaded some outline drawings of leaves and copied them randomly onto a piece of wash-away stabilizer. they are are all close-ups. The leaves didn’t show on the overall shot.

I wasn’t sure what sort of thread I would use to stitch these, but the other day I stopped into a craft store and they had what I hope will be just the right thread. Of course, it has gone missing so I can’t take a picture of it. Here’s a picture from the web. It’s the one in the front, red and orange and a bit of green. Surprise…. its called autumn.

Next time I hope to show you some stitching done.

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