A lovely card and some progress.

A lovely card and some progress.

First, the lovely card I received from Jackie, aka The Batty Felter on the forum.  It is a lovely card and she must have done it up quickly to get it here from New Zealand so soon.

And a lovely note explaining what the flowers were. They are so lucky to have such a magnificent tree in bloom at Christmas time.

I feel bad I took so long with mine. and I was in such a hurry to get it into the mail I don’t think I even signed it. So Sorry for the Jackie. I will show you the card after Jackie receives it. They told me it would be there before Christmas.

And now my 4th quarter challenge. I lost the thread I have no idea where it went. It was in my purse. I emptied it out and all I found was the receipt. So I went looking for new thread. I found one that is almost the same and it will do.  I have never heard of this brand.

I put the darning foot on the machine and had a go with a spare piece of felt but I think I need more practice before ding that on anything but a practice piece. I decided to do it with regular sewing, going slow. I did 2 leaves. If they were all simple, it would be fine. There are too many curves.  I only did 2 leaves and stopped. The bottom thread was solid orange. It looks nice against the green back.

I think I will just do it by hand, much less frustrating. I may be cursing doing such a big piece by the time I am done. But maybe not. I like hand stitching.





10 thoughts on “A lovely card and some progress.

  1. The card is very pretty, lovely beading, and it’s nice to know the back story to the making of it.

    Keep going with the leaves Ann – if making a colourscape was easy it couldn’t be called a challenge!
    Your machine stitched maple leaf is good but if you’re happier with hand stitching then this is the right time of year, with the short days, to sit and enjoy doing it. Perhaps with a glass of sherry and an open fire?
    Looking forward to seeing your piece.

    1. It is a lovely card, isn’t it?
      I think hand stitching for now. I need to practice, before doing more with the machine. I may end up cutting the piece down after doing a few leaves. I will see how it goes. I do like hand stitching.

  2. I think my step brother sent me a card from New Zealand with that tree on it, now I know why. I love the felted version. It’s annoying when you misplace purchases on the way home.

  3. The card you received is beautiful & I can see why it is nick named the Christmas tree.
    Your autumn leaves are coming on Ann, keep posting the photos.
    I have seen (although not used) this thread before. Not too far away we have an online sewing supplies supplier with 100s of different thread manufacturers. Ohhh the zillions of colourful threads all beautifully lined up on the shelves from floor to ceiling in the ‘thread room’, shimmering away whispering ‘take me home’. I no longer visit (2 hours can pass in a blink)….until I’ve used my vast stash!

  4. Lovely card Ann. The one I sent to Antje seems to have gotten lost in the mail ;(

    The only way to get better at machine stitching is to keep doing it. But hand stitching has a look and feel all of it’s own and will work just as well.

    1. It is very pretty isn’t it. I know I need to practice. Why do we hate doing that so much. its worse then making samples. Maybe I should buy some cheap craft felt to practice on. I hater to make something and then make a mess with it. Maybe your card is with my parcel.

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