Time for the fabulous fibre giveaway Canada.

Time for the fabulous fibre giveaway Canada.

We here at The Felting and Fiber Studio would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. In celebration, we will be hosting several giveaways for your woolly pleasure! To make this a little easier and less expensive on postage, we are doing more than one give away by country. Please make sure and sign up for the correct one depending on where you live.

Ruth’s friend Paula is the one to thank for all the woolly goodness. She has decided to give away her wool supply as she is no longer doing any felting. She has moved on to other art forms.

So I have piles of mainly wool, mainly merino. Some of it is marked as to what it is and some isn’t. Some have been in plastic bags for a while and maybe a bit matted down. But that shouldn’t bother any of you since if you win, it’s free!

Heres the box of wool Ruth sent to me.  We will have three separate giveaways, a US giveaway, aUK giveaway and a Canada giveaway. Please only comment and sign up for the give away if you are in the corresponding country. If your name is drawn and you aren’t in the appropriate country, another name will be drawn.

This give away is for Canada. If you would like to win a padded envelope full of wool and a few other embellishments, please comment below. Tell us what you want to create from the wool. Feel free to spread the word through social media. We will announce three winners in a post next week. The USA and UK drawings are now over.

Please only enter the giveaway if you live in Canada

Giveaway Guidelines:

  1. Leave a comment on the comment form below. Your comment must be left on today’s post to be eligible to win.
  2. Be sure that your comment has your name on it so there won’t be any misunderstandings of who won.
  3. Make sure that there is an email address associated with your comment. If I can not contact you, it isn’t possible for the prize to be sent to you and another number will be drawn.
  4. Leave your comment before 4:00 pm mountain standard time on Monday, December 23 13, 2019. The winners will be announced in my post on Tuesday, December 24th.
  5. In your comment, tell us what you would like to create from the wool
  6. Only residents of Canada are eligible for this drawing.

33 thoughts on “Time for the fabulous fibre giveaway Canada.

  1. What a wonderful give-a-way! There are so many things I would make if I were the winner of this bag of wool – felt and/or nuno felt scarves, fingerless mittens/wrist warmers, felt covered soap, dryer balls, and the list goes on!

    Thank you!

  2. Yes please! I am in Canada. Want to make felted scarfs and lots of art. New to felting!
    Happy holidays

  3. I want to try felted soap, and then give some felted slippers a try. I have some leather to use as soles, so they should last longer if I do that

  4. Hi! I’ve been experimenting with different styles of hats and am beginning to work with making sculptural art pieces – things that emphasize unusual forms and textures. I’d use this wool to make new and different shapes with interesting textural features. Happy Holidays everyone!!

  5. What a generous gift. I have been wet felting for just a year now. I have made a few vessels and bags. I would really like to make a large wall hanging, incorporating the techniques I have learned from online courses. This would give me that opportunity. Thank you for considering me
    Anna Armitage

  6. What a delight! A pot of fibrey goodness, to be combed, perhaps blended, fluffed and wet felted, likely – would love to set myself to the quarterly challenges! And to create more 3-D work – pots, shibori ‘extrusions’, textures. lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

  7. What a wonderful gift! Lise Gagnon would definitely wish to make a wool painting, try a wet felted vessel as well as some needle-felted furry friends. Well, she would also try to do anything that crossed her mind! Thank you and a very merry Christmas to you all.

  8. I love both needle and wet felting. If I win I would use the wool to create some felted vessels😃

  9. Another Canadian felter here.
    What a lovely opportunity! I would make toddler slippers and add some non-slip squiggles to the soles to make them practical. Thanks to the lovely ‘past felter’ for sharing her supplies.

  10. I am Carlene and a friend of Ann’s. She has taught me a few felting techniques but I really need to practice more. New fiber always means new inspiration. Would love to try my hand at some ornaments or figurines.

  11. Ooh, so many things could make! I may make a wet felted felted painting with some of it or a bowl and/or needle felt some creatures.

    Thanks so much for this Canadian offer.
    Christina Closs

  12. I have just started felting again after two years of having absolutely no time for creativity. I am currently making little needle-felted dog biscuits for all my dog-loving and dog-owning friends, and I’m making a wet-felted undersea mural for myself. A nice stash of new colours would add inspiration to both these projects!
    Thank you, from Canada’s West Coast.

  13. Looks lovely! Given there is merino included, I would definitely make some felt with it. If there are fibres that are not feltable or usable as embellishments for felt, then I would spin those into an art yarn. Maybe even make an art batt first!

    Sue in Calgary, AB

  14. I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. I would love to win to make some felted soaps and vessels. Thanks for this generous giveaway.


  15. Wonderful generousity!
    I am one year into felting and addicted to the textures and the colours of fibre and the ability to add dimension to paintings. I needle and wet felt and I have a hankering to do a painting based on a photo taken in Newfoundland a few years ago.

    Merry Christmas to all of you.
    Linda Murphy

  16. What a generous offer. Wendy from the West Coast here. I would use a wooly win for needle felted wall art or wet Felted hand bags. Good luck to all!

  17. Chick a Dee Dee Dee! https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black-capped_Chickadee/id#
    Your beautiful fibres would make amazing representations of/in felted winter backyard birds (Chick a Dee’s being one) and to be used as provocations for kindergarten birders. As a nomadic
    supply teacher, in southern Ontario, very gray hair, I use learning time with kinders in 14 different schools to share the importance of caring for these backyard friends. Examples of the birds like the cardinal, blue jay and woodpecker, in any medium that I can make or locate in treasure shops, is left lovingly behind to be a visual and tactile reminder of their caring for the world. I love to show and share the way we use fibre and always carry fleece and tools to take advantage of their curiosity and innate to make.
    A deep bow to you for gifting your fibre to others.

    Cheryl White

  18. I need a diversion and plan to felt over the holidays. I have been felting for about two years. I took 2 workshops- one to make a nuno scarf and the other to make mittens. Made two pairs, and hope some day they don’t look so homemade. Quite the challenge. It’s my new winter hobby. Love the process, the textures, smell of dish soap and getting lost in in the project. I live in a hemlock forest, in central Ontario, Canada.

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