Holiday Ideas?

Holiday Ideas?

At this time of year, many of us are creating holiday decor, gifts and items to sell at markets for the holidays. Have you been creating any of these? We would love to see what you’re creating. You can upload a photo here. 

I thought I would show you some of our member’s gift and holiday makes. These owls are by Helene and I don’t know about you but they make me smile.

Lisa and Alex made this felted stocking with a snowman which would look great hanging on any mantle.

Lyn and Annie have created some fantastic holiday décor out of felt.

Antje created some wonderful elf/fairies’ boots to hang on the tree. If I remember correctly, we had several members making these cuties.

Jan created this angel mouse for a gift. Who wouldn’t love a mouse so cute with angel wings and a halo?

Ann M. created this felted Christmas tree and then decorated it beautifully. Easy to put that tree up once it’s finished.

Lindsay made some great acorn ornaments that she sells for the holiday market.

Leonor needle felts these wonderful trees that add a spot of color to any holiday scene.

Karen created these funny gnome characters that aren’t just for the holidays. Wouldn’t they look great on a mantle?

Tesi created this quilt on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to give to an unknown recipient. In the process, she was able to get through her own struggles during the Christmas season and remember that the season is about giving to others.

Carlene is modeling the beautiful cowl that she wove as a holiday gift. I would love to open that box under my tree!

And here’s an ornament that I made a long time ago that I had completely forgotten about. It’s always interesting when I start searching through our photos here and find things that had slipped my mind.

If you’re an author here and I didn’t show any of your work, it’s because I couldn’t find a holiday related photo by you in the library. But we’d love to see yours too, so please feel free to share.

Again, share your holiday makes here. 

To all of our American readers, have a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday. And to everyone else, have a fun, relaxed and happy holiday season ahead.

Edit 11/22/23

We are getting lots of people sharing their photos, you can see them here (be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the photos):

2023 Challenges Gallery

21 thoughts on “Holiday Ideas?

  1. Thank you Ruth for showing all these wonderful, pretty handmades and as you said, there must be many more but you don’t have the photos so hopefully they will be shown later.

    Tesi’s quilt reminds us of what the holiday season is really all about 🙂

  2. A great collection. they are all amazing representations of the season, especially Tesi’s quilt. that picture doesn’t do my Christmas tree justice. I was such a wonky, Whoville tree. We loved it. It also meant I didn’t have to find a spot for a big tree.

    1. Thanks Ann, it’s great to see all the different holiday ideas. Do you not have your felt tree anymore? Wonky trees are the best!

  3. It’s lovely to see all the festive makes together in one place Ruth! So many great ideas to get us into the festive spirit 🦃🎅

  4. That’s Christmas started now Ruth. All those lovely photos of festive makes. I had totally forgotten about the owls (where are they now lol). Love all the makes but I have to single out Tesi’s quilt. That really is extra special in all senses.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

    1. Thanks Helene, I didn’t mean to start Christmas 😉 I can always wait on that. It’s fun to look through the older photos that we have all forgotten about.

  5. What a fun collection of items! I love how Americans tend to think of Christmas only after Thanksgiving, so I’m sure everyone will now be looking to buying presents for their loved ones and start their decorating. So many great ideas here! Thanks for showcasing my trees 🙂

    1. Thanks Leonor, yes, Americans love to shop on Black Friday 🛍️ It’s the worst time to shop for me, way too many people.

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