2023 Challenges Gallery

2023 Challenges Gallery

Entry by Rhonda Lamb

Just so happened I was making a tree! Merino and a merino/silk blend in snow.. Background wet felted before needle felting. 9” x 11”

Entry by Ann B.

Here are the two (well really one adapted for two) Panto costumes which I mentioned on the Forum.  I appeared twice, in both cases as a Victorian Tart. The first time as Marlene (read Dietrich) with a German accent and the second time as Brigitte (Bardot) with a French accent. I was the “loose what you pay” slimming scam in the Town’s shop. The punter paid £7 for 20 mins to chase Marlene round the town and if he caught her she would “kiss und kuttle mit” him for an hour. Of course he didn’t catch her but lost 7lb in weight. Brigitte’s bit was to give him 2 hours “kissink et cuddlink” for £14 if he caught her, and he lost a whole stone trying to do so. The idea was that the veil I was wearing on entering the stage would hide my ancient face from him and the audience (the pictures of Brigitte were at the dress rehearsal when I forgot to put the veil down) and just before I left the stage I showed the audience what he’d see if he caught me. The whole thing took less time on stage than it has to type it out, but it was enough, especially on the Saturday when we had two performances. Great fun, but exhausting. It took me a week to get over the show! The dress front was smocked using Canadian smocking and it very satisfactorily covered up the odd shape underneath! Ann

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