Thick with Green

Thick with Green

I have been busy trying to get pieces ready to go to the framers and I also needed to create my tree piece for the 3rd Quarter challenge, summer trees. Here’s the piece I created called Thick with Green. I am sorry about the quality of most of these photos. Somehow, many are blurry but at least the final few photos came out OK, my apologies.

Sketchbook Page with Painted Birch Trees in Summer

I was thinking about a thicket of birch trees from a distance with green leaves. The sketchbook page above was created in one of my art and design classes. I used this as inspiration.

For the background, I used a piece of nuno felt. The silk is on the back this time. I had some white yarn that I decided to couch down to make distant tree trunks.

Then being inspired by the leaves Ann M. used on her summer tree, I decided to try some variegated green cheesecloth. I tore it into pieces and stretched it to give a more organic feel. Then I hand stitched it in place. The stitching disappears into the cheesecloth.

Nuno Felt Green and Blue Background with Birch Tree Trunks.

Then I added more tree trunks. This time I twisted two pieces of the yarn together and couched them in place.

Nuno Felt Green and Blue Background with Birch Tree Trunks and Stitched Pieces of Cheesecloth for Leaves.

More cheesecloth was stitched down on top of these tree trunks. Now what to do with the ground? I feel like I am always saying that about my landscapes. I never seem to plan the ground very well in advance. I don’t do much needle felting but I decided in this case, it would work the best. I felt like stitching would be too detailed since this was supposed to be a more distant landscape.

Nuno Felt Green and Blue Background with Birch Tree Trunks and Stitched Pieces of Cheesecloth for Leaves, Grass Needle Felted at Base of Trees.

Here’s the grass added with a variety of green roving and needle felted in place.

Nuno Felt Landscape with Summer Birch Trees on Green Matte Ready to Frame.

Then I found I already had some green fabric that would work for the “matte”. I stitched the nuno landscape down and laced it around card. This piece ended up to be 8″ x 12″ and it’s ready to frame. Now to take all the pieces to be framed and then send them off to the gallery. Check, another task off my list.

13 thoughts on “Thick with Green

  1. I really really like this one Ruth. It makes me want to wander around in the wood. I’m sure it will fly out of the gallery.

  2. Great piece Ruth. I also love the use of the cheesecloth as leaves. I have a piece that I finally set aside as I couldn’t figure out what to do to bring the background trees to life. You have started me thinking about it again, I know I have cheesecloth and bandage around here somewhere. I may see if I have green cake colouring. 🙂

  3. Ruth you’ve achieved a distant lightness that begs exploration to know what lies beyond the trees.
    The dyed cheesecloth has provided rich variegation for the foliage, whilst the trees are really anchored by the applied grass. 👍

    A very timely post (coincidence) – as earlier today I visited a well known store to find it was selling a tight bundle of cloth for car cleaning @ £2.99. Closer inspection revealed it to be cheesecloth 127cm wide & nearly 6 m in length! Needless to say the bundle just attached itself to my hand!!! Maybe I’ll be using cake colouring soon too 🤪

    1. Thanks Antje, I was happy to find the already dyed cheesecloth in my stash. And you had a lucky find for a great price. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

    1. Aldi – it was part of their car cleaning items. I found it on Tues but I don’t know when the items were first offered for sale, I think it was fairly recently, so hopefully they will have some left….good luck.

      Let me know if you were successful

    2. Thanks Antje. Unfortunately the Aldi that is supposed to be being built near us hasn’t been started yet, but I’ll definitely try to find one soon.

  4. Your trees are great. I agree it won’t last long at the gallery. Cheese cloth was my original idea but I couldn’t find it. sounds funny to say silk was the substitute for cheese cloth. LOL

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