Mega-Stega-blob! – well the main template

Mega-Stega-blob! – well the main template

I hope this is a Happy Monday, as you read this.

I had another little oops on Friday. I was sitting and bent forward…and felt a little pop, froze to assess what I might have done. Decided it didn’t seem too bad until I tried to straighten up. That did not go as well as I hoped, but I got myself back to the computer and tried to keep working on a comparison of needle felting safety devices notes I had been working on. That didn’t last long and I wobbled off to lie down. If I had got the memo that bending foreword was forbidden on Fridays I would have abstained from that offensiveness movement.

Instead, I had to accept my back’s indication/insistence that I should wait on the article I was writing and get back to focusing on another short chat about Mega-Stega-bag-blog. So let’s see if I am up to transferring photos and giving you a progress report. (Lucky you, a less verbose me! Since this is the first day, Sunday, that I can type (leaning forward and sitting seems to offend whoever I ticked off greatly, while lying down was the only acceptable orientation the last few days).  so to appease my demanding back it’s back to the bag:

A week ago Monday I was back in at the guild studio working on the library, dispersing fleeces and continuing the calculations for the resist for my new phone holder.

4 ziploc bags of unwashed lightly skerted wool. sitting in the OVWSG studio in front of a loom bench 1)From 12 bags to 4 bags, with 2 spoken for that should leave 2 left to find homes.

OVWSG Guild Library Archatecture of Mofified dui desimal for small collection2) This is the modified Dewey architecture we are using for the OVWSG library’s collection.

I went with a process format for classification, if you are curious I can tell you about that sometime.  I will try not to get too distracted today or I will not get this blog done. I will give you the topic headings in case the photo is not as clear as I hope. (I have the OK drugs for my back, not the really good ones from the last time.)

  • 000’s Programs, publishing and people (biography)
  • 100’s Law and Business
  • 200’s Studio and Guilds
  • 300’s Fiber Sources and Preparation
  • 400’s Colour  and Dyeing
  • 500’s Felt
  • 600’s Spinning and Post Spinning
  • 700’s Fine art/ Design and Weaving
  • 800’s Post Weaving
  • 900’s History of Textiles

I added a few more books to the OVWSG guild library collection. I need to add the new donations to the database before updating the subject, author and title lists on the guild website. Then it was time to take a break and I got started on the stegosaurus expansion to create the purse resist. (It was one of the few days I did not do library work through  the social.) See I did get back on topic!

paper pattern in progress of expanding forwet felting resist. paper used for meusreing with pencil sitting on it 3) Vertical lines have been expanded.

clsoe up of mesureing paper with lots of folds and pencil4) You can see how well-folded the paper under the pencil has become.

Now I am ready to work on the horizontal lines.

I used the same technique as the vertical lines; measure the distance along the line inside the Stego-blob on the piece of paper. Fold the paper in half and then fold the half in half again. Take that length and add it to each end of the line on the outside of the blob.

close up of folded then folded mesuring paper5) Measuring from the edge, where the line and outline meet to add the amount of shrinkage to the shape.

I had to add a bit more paper to my graph to get the head and tail horizontal expansion plotted, but eventually had a spot where the plotting overlapped. If I had wanted to be exact in my expansion I would have added I diagonal element to fix these troublesome transitions. Instead of adding another step, I went with Ann’s suggestion of just estimating, and drawing a line.

estamate of horizontal and vertical points7-8) After estimating the line in the two areas where the horizontal and verticals did not agree, I was ready to cut out the new larger shape of Mega-Stega-blob!

uese paper sissors to cut out the new shape 9) Remember to use your paper scissors, not your sewing or fibre scissors!!

Ann was very curious to see the difference in size and shape between the original side panel of the giant Stego-bag and the new Mego-Stego-Blob, so we checked.

the new shape of Mega-Stega-Blob10) The new shape should make a bit more diminutive purse.

I will add the legs in four extra resist pieces (oh drat I will have to scale that up too), but I did leave the original attachment sites marked on the template. I also have the plate locations marked too. The plan is to add the legs to the body resist to be felted at the same time as the bag. The spines and plates I want to pre-felt partly leaving a fluffy attachment end so I can make them very firm.  I had considered wire augmentation for the spines, but have not decided whether to include it yet.

My next step will be to consider the colour so I can lay out the wool. Unfortunately, that will not be this Monday. My goal for the day will be getting to the guild, which I am hoping I will be up to. Possibly adding a few more books, and then getting myself back home! But for now, I think it’s time to go lie down again.


11 thoughts on “Mega-Stega-blob! – well the main template

  1. So sorry to hear of your back troubles Jan – it must be very frustrating for you having to just lie down instead of getting on with more interesting stuff 🙁

    The job of scaling up Dino isn’t easy but it looks as if you’re getting there. Choosing the colours will be fun!

    The Dewey System is great and works well – unfortunately some libraries this side of the pond have abandoned it and use a bookshop type layout instead.

  2. Oh your poor back (or rather poor you and that d***d back!) I hope that you are able to appease it and get it to settle down soon.
    I’m enjoying the saga of Mega-Stega-Blob and looking forward to your next bulletin.
    When I was part of the Dorset Guild, I’m afraid that there was no rhyme or reason to the grouping of the books, though the librarian did try to keep them in some sort of order. Your Guild is lucky to have you.
    Keep taking the tablets!

  3. I hope you’re doing better by now! Poor you (especially with just the “ok” drugs…)

    Have you ever considered buying a projector and using it to scale templates? I saw a YouTuber do that for her sewing patterns and my mind was blown… let me know if you’re interested and I can look for the video for you.

    Feel better soon! Looking forward to seeing those dino legs next 🙂

  4. Sorry about your back. I hope it is happier by now. Your dino is looking interesting. Are you going to go with traditional colours or go wilder?

  5. Looks like progress is definitely being made in creating your dino purse. Sorry to hear about your back acting up again. I hope you’re better soon and can get back to your “normal” activities.

    1. Wow Ann, those blue lizards are gorgeous, especially the Blue Crested lizard. I can just see Mega Stega-Blob in those colours (and scales?) What do you think Jan?

  6. Mega-stega-blob should be doing the ‘popping’ not your back! Hope the horizontal rest & the ‘ok’ pills have eased it for you.

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    Reading Leonor’s comment reminded me….we have an old very, simple projector that transfers an image on paper onto a wall. The wall image size can be altered by moving the projector closer to decrease, or further away to expand it. Easy to just trace it then….just a thought to save your grey cells in future.

  7. Oh Jan, poor you! I hope you haven’t done a real dirt to any of your movable parts; we need you in working order. The blob is coming along and whatever shape or size it finally decides to take, it will be wonderful. Please get well soon, we missed you.

  8. Really looking forward to this, when your back is better, but please take care of it.

  9. Yikes! It hurts me to hear your back has “turned it’s back on you again!” 😘 I am impressed with your determination, for something that I should be able to do with my mathematics major, but would never EVER attempt! Your difficulties are not a matter basic mathematics. As I see it, you are in essence performing a calculus task. Calculus 3 in my opinion! (That’s the one that examines the effects of change, in voluminous shapes.) You’re looking at length, width, and depth changes. (ie. x, y, and z axis’) Be very proud of yourself – you are doing a mammoth 🦣 task! I for one, applaud your determination.

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