First Quarter Tree Finished and I Got Mail.

First Quarter Tree Finished and I Got Mail.

After some final fiddling with the width of the trunk and shadow and adding a little red bird for interest, I decided I am done with the winter tree.

Next is spring so I have to figure out what kind of tree I made. I wasn’t thinking of a particular tree when I started the experiment in making a tree. Here is the original tree experiment post.  After doing some picture searches I think it is most like an Oak tree. The other option was a Maple but the bark on a Maple is quite grey and Oaks have much more brown and textured bark. Naturally, neither of these makes the kind of flowers that pop into your head when you say tree in bloom. They make droopy green (sometimes red) tassels. Maples make maple keys and Oaks make acorns.  What kind of tree do you think it is?  I may decide it is a fantasy tree so I can make blossoms anyway. What do you think?


The other exciting thing Jan told you about too. I got my Package from Georgia (Russian Federation whether they like it or not).

Here are some unboxing pictures.


I was surprised it was all assembled. Jan had some assembly required with hers. The other fun thing is it is purple and has a cute little bee. It has 4 what look to be size 36 felting needles in it. It holds 4 of them.

Purple and a bee are all very well but how does it work? It took a little experimenting on how where to hold the machine in relation to the felt surface to get the best felting. It worked well but it is hard to engage all the barbs on such a long course needle. We decided to switch out my big needles for one of the smaller crown needles. This also helps with a comparison of Jan’s machine to mine as hers only holds one.  I like it. It is bigger than Jan’s and I like hers too.  I like the Chinese one the least. A lot of that is the way you hold it. It is a much slower machine and we all know that patience is not one of my stronger qualities. One thing I would recommend is that you get an awl or sewing stiletto or something similar to use to hold new fibres down so you are not getting your finger so close to the machine. Unless you have long talons like Jan for doing such things.


In this last picture, you can see how much ( the white fibres) gets punched through when you fully engage all the barbs of the large 36 triangle needles and how big the holes are even when you only engage the first barbs( yellow fibres).

You will get to hear about the rest of the testing later. Jan is making a chart and doing some analyzing of data. Better her than me. 🙂

12 thoughts on “First Quarter Tree Finished and I Got Mail.

  1. Great tree Ann. I am going with a fantasy tree as it reminds me of the one in the gothic fantasy ‘Sleepy Hollow’.
    Great that you are pleased with your latest purchase (also curiosity sated). Looking forward to Jan’s further analysis.
    Helene ❤️

  2. I like your tree. I think it is actually more like a hawthorn with its lots of small branches amongst the larger ones. Hawthorn is good for seasonal changes too – lots of white or pink blossom in late spring (May blossom) and red berries in the autumn – and the birds love them. Also both the leaves and the berries are edible for humans too. My Mum, who was Welsh, used to call the tree, or rather the berries and leaves, bara a chaws – bread and cheese. (Free language lesson!)
    You might guess that Hawthorns are one of my favourites too.
    I’m glad that that package from Russia really did only contain the felting machine, the contents might have been a bit nasty if it was going to the US! I think your idea of an awl or stiletto to keep your fingers away from the needles whilst holding the fibres is a very good idea.

    1. I will have to look up hawthorns. interesting that the berries and leaves are edible. I usually think of tree berries as for the birds. Yes I think we are in the Russian good books but not so far into the bad ones as the USA. I thought it might get stuck in customs but it arrived 3 weeks earlier than expected.

  3. Yup – leave the techie writing stuff to Jan as it really is her forte! It’s a brute of a machine but if you have a large area to felt then perhaps it’s the thing to use.

    Your tree is lovely and the red bird makes the picture complete. Go down the fantasy tree road – think what fun you could have!

    1. Yes Jan loves data. she should have been in data analyses. I gather they wouldn’t let her take statistics. She could have had my place. Its a bigger machine than Jan’s but not to heavy. It feels good in your hand. Yes I am leaning to the fantasy tree, lots of flexibility in that.

  4. Goodness, those needles really poke the fibres through, don’t they? I don’t envy Jan having to test it out, I’d be worried about my fingers!

    I vote for the fantasy tree avenue! Makes way for a lot more creative freedom 🙂

    1. Yes the size 36 needles are to big for pictures. There is a speed control as part of the cord so it can be slowed down. I will be getting an awl. It may be good for big thick pieces. I think I will load it with 40’s or 42s and try again with 4 needles in.
      Yes a fantasy tree is the way I am leaning.

  5. The winter tree is a success and I love the addition of the red bird. I think a fantasy tree is definitely the way to go. For spring, you could go in the tree of life direction which would be fun.

    The new machine does look dangerous to the fingers. I will await Jan’s chart and testing data 😉

    1. I am going to try and reproduce this tree and make it spring. I have some ideas for that. I just need some time.
      Yes it goes very fast I will be getting something long and poky to work with. We can all walk around with extra long finger nails. Mine break before they are 1/4 inch long.

  6. I love your tree, and the little bird in there? I agree about the hawthorn too. The felting machine looks interesting, you must be pleased that it arrived safely. I can feel my fingers going ‘ouch’, as they do when I get too close with a needle. I did enjoy reading about them too.

    1. Thank you Marie. Yes I was very happy it arrived and early too. I thought there my be a hold up at the border with it being part of the Russian federation. It does look scary. I have been looking for tools to hold fibre safely and I am leaning towards a letter opener.

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