First Quarter Tree Challenge well on its way.

First Quarter Tree Challenge well on its way.

After doing my tree experiments( here if you missed it Tree Experiment ) and being happy with the results I am moving on to doing the first quarter challenge. If you haven’t seen the challenge it is here:

I picked a piece or felt I had and added the sky and snow backgrounds. I used 3 shades of natural white wool for the snow so that it wasn’t so flat. I used Merino, Corriedale and something strong and shiny. the shiny wool may have been BFL or even Mohair.


Then I started working on the tree. I worked on a separate surface so as not to disturb the background too much as it is only lightly needle felted. I decided to work in two layers for the tree so this is the darker back layer. I started by just fluffing it up and then using a knitting needle to move fibres around to get a better tree shape. then gave it a dry felting ( just flattening and wiggling it a bit so the fibres stick together) to move it onto the background.

I picked a redder brown for the second layer. I forgot to take a picture of it when it was separate. I must have been in the felting zone. I put the tree slightly off-center. I tried it in the middle and I didn’t like it.

Here’s a close-up so you can see the 2 layers


I poked the tree all over to tack it in place and started fiddling with the roots, so it won’t fall over in the wind.

and some more  snow

And that was as far as I am right now.  I will probably fiddle with it more before wet felting it and then fiddling more, of course. I am thinking of adding a shadow but not sure how to tackle it. I am not sure where the sun is.  I may have to go out to the field and look at shadows.

Have you started your tree challenge or maybe you’re going with making something useful or both?

We would all like to see photos of challenge pieces and if you are unable to upload photos directly onto The Felting and Fiber Forum ‘studio challenges’ thread, then please use the link below.

7 thoughts on “First Quarter Tree Challenge well on its way.

  1. The tree has evolved beautifully through your earlier experimentation and it looks good off-centre. Those few wisps of white fibres (snow) across the roots really anchor the tree to the background and a shadow would do so even more.
    Looking forward to seeing more!

    1. Than you Ladies, I think that some very light grey might work for the shadow. Of course it’s overcast all week. I will have to go down the rabbit hole of google images.

  2. Nice, I like the addition of a different color wool to give the tree a more dimensional look. Also, it was a smart idea to use a variety of whites for the snow.

    Just pick the direction of the sun. I think I would choose sun from behind so that the shadow moves into the foreground. You don’t need anything dark at all for the shadow, just a value or two darker than the snow. It already looks like you have shadows under the tree due to the different whites. That might show up less once wet felted though.

    1. Thanks Ruth, the sun is definitely behind the tree. I don’t have any more whites. I think I will audition some blue, purple and grey mixed with white for the shadow.

  3. Your tree is off to a wonderful start Ann. I look forward to seeing its progress.

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