2023 First Quarter Challenges

2023 First Quarter Challenges

Our best wishes to you all for a happy, creative new year!  And what better way to kick-start your creativity in 2023 than taking a challenge or two 🙂

The first challenge for this quarter is from a post by Caterina on the Felting and Fiber Forum after she had made some arm-warmers.

Quote: “Couldn’t we have a Quarter Challenge on felt things that are purpose made to address a need that we can’t find a way to address with store-bought stuff?
For instance, another thing that I would like to make is a sight-glasses holder with a belt, so that I can always have my other pair of glasses with me, but not dangling from my neck as I would have them with a store-bought glasses-holder, because I am forever banging them on some counter or getting them in a heated pan or dunking in the sink while I wash dishes with the normal necklace – type of holder. I keep saying that I need to make me one that will suit my life, but I have not gone round to it yet!” Unquote.

So could you make something, that you can’t buy in a shop, to make your life easier?

The second challenge is Jan’s idea and it will be carried through all four quarters of this year.

For this quarter’s challenge, find a tree that you like and depict it as it awakens in spring with buds/new leaves/blossom – it can be realistic or representational.

We would all like to see photos of challenge pieces and if you are unable to upload photos directly onto The Felting and Fiber Forum ‘studio challenges’ thread, then please use the link below.


17 thoughts on “2023 First Quarter Challenges

  1. There goes my New Year’s Resolution on day 1 – these challenges are so inspiring that I doubt I’ll even be looking at my UFOs, let alone completing 1 a month!
    Hmmm – thinks – “I wonder if I can combine the two (three)” – thinking cap on.

  2. Thats a great theme, thanks Caterina! I suffer with very painful fingers when my hands get cold. After wasting money on store bought gloves I discovered that making my own felted mittens is the best way to get the warmth and flexibility I need. If you’re stuck for ideas I’m thinking even something as simple as this would fit the challenge.
    I can see Jan’s idea of the tree resulting in some beautiful pieces too.

  3. Hmmm… Will have to put my thinking cap on for the first part. I don’t usually make many functional items. But I certainly think I can manage a year round challenge with tree inspiration 😜

  4. Looks like a good start to the challenge year. I need to think some about the practical side. but maybe I can combine them. Thinking….. can you smell the smoke? LOL

  5. Oh, well, I guess that I can not take on my own challenge, now! 😜 I really like the year long tree challenge, though, so, and I hope to have time to consider it as well…a living and maybe blooming tree, and developing time? It seems fascinating and complicated, a great idea for a challenge!

  6. Great challenges! Now to find those little grey cells and get them up and running for the new year!

    1. To quote Baldrick “mmmmm I have a cunning plan ……” lol (I think) just checking some facts before I give the cunning plan headspace.

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