The Other Ann had posted about a challenge in a magazine she gets. Inspiration Magazine. it’s a needlework magazine. It looks really cool. So, I thought it might be an idea to ask people what magazines they read for knowledge and inspiration. Everyone seems to really love the Christmas beetle brooch. So I thought I would edit in the price for the kit, $129.00.  I am assuming that is Australian dollars.

I read Filz fu4n. the guild subscribes and there is an English supplement available.

Wild Fibres is another interesting one. Lots of interesting articles and pictures.

I look through Ply and Spin-Off magazines at the Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild too. They don’t do felting but I spin and there are lots of colour inspirations.



I would love to see Felt Matters but can’t bring myself to pay $65 for a digital and $81 for a printed ( 4 per year) magazine.

I like to leaf through unrelated magazines too when I see them. art quilt magazines are inspiring. They are good at showing you how to break down and simplify a picture. Nature magazines of course are great for inspiration. I have an old National Geographic magazine that talks about wool. It’s packed away but I found a picture


So tell us which magazines do you read to learn, and/or get inspired.

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  1. The gentleman on the front of the “Wild Fibres” magazine looks like Mark Rylance – one of my favourite actors. But I digress –
    Artwear Magazines of Australia publish 5 magazines, both in print and digital. I haven’t looked at Vintage Made, but I have seen the others: Yarn; Textile Forum; Embellish and Felt and I have a print subscription to the last two. A recent edition of Felt actually featured our own Galina and her work. It has some really interesting articles, as do the others. Embellish is about all sorts of textile and mixed medium work. Felt magazine has 2 issues a year and the other 3 have 4 issues a year. You can purchase back numbers of the print editions as well has a 1 year and a 2 year subscription.
    Enjoy – everything comes to a halt in our house once my copy arrives!

    1. I forgot to say that, rather than Inspirations Magazine, I have actually signed up for their weekly newsletter. Here’s the link to their newsletter page on their website If you want to subscribe to that (free) look at the very end of the page. They do talk mainly about embroidery (all sorts) but I think that the writers may have some sort of qualification in psychiatry – very thoughtful introductions sometimes.

  2. Like Ann I subscribe to the Australian “Felt” magazine. As well as interesting articles there are some very good tutorials and lots of inspiring images in each issue.
    I love the bug on your cover of “Inspirations”….that looks like one to check out!

  3. I am a weirdo who dislikes buying magazines… my main sources of inspiration are the internet 🙂 (although I must admit, I’d love to have a subscription to Ply, but would hate the extra space I’d need to find for it!)

    1. I understand the space problem. That is where a guild comes in handy. I read Filtzfun through the guild. along with Spin Off and Ply. The guild gets some weaving magazines too than can be inspiring. It comes with an electronic English supplement. It used t be printed and come with it but no longer. I have a huge inspiration file on my computer with things from the internet.

    1. What magazines did you used to buy? Still look at? I thought you might be a member of the international felt makers. If you are in the UK it seems like a good one to belong to, lots going on.

    2. No Ann, we’re not members of IFA. Many years ago we had a subscription to ‘FELT’ but we let it lapse as we felt (forgive the pun) that we weren’t interested in a lot of the content.

  4. I don’t read many magazines either. I do use the internet for inspiration and research but mainly like to be inspired by my outside environment. I use my photos as inspiration and have loads of those on my computer. The magazines all look tempting but I can’t seem to pay that much for them.

    1. I hear you about the cost. I am glad I belong to a guild where I can borrow them. Pictures are very helpful and I have many things saved on my computer too. Taking pictures close up, really far away, and at odd angles create some great starting points.

  5. I get Felt Matters as part of my membership of International Feltmakers. I pay €57annually which gives me access to the magazine (hard copy) and various membership benefits.
    I also get the digital copy of the Australian magazine Felt.
    Otherwise it’s online inspiration but I’m curious about the magazines you have highlighted Ann. Will check them out
    Thanks Hélène

  6. Thanks so much for reviewing these magazines! I recently subscribed to Felt Matters and thought I would share a little more information. Although it is a little pricey the membership includes digital access to access to all the back issues as well. Members also have access to several interesting videos. I am currently working my way through an wonderful included video class with Fona Duthie.

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